Saturday, September 19, 2009

beautiful day for baseball!!!

Carters first day on the mound!!!
Jason put Carter into pitch and he did very good- no runs!!!!

concentrate Carter

look at my baby's blue eyes!!!! {takes after his nana}

do you know what I had to go thru to get this picture-with all the monkeying around!!!!

so much fun.......until next weekend!!!!


Emily said...

aww these are great pictures!!!

trekmom said...

Great pictures Amy. He DID do a great job. Evan was really disappointed that he didn't get to pitch to him!

Amy S said...

Awe-- EVan did GREAT too--- thats to cute that Evan really wanted to pitch to him--I have the pic on FB of Evan and Carter together... not sure why it did not come up but click on the x in the middle of the two shown!

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