Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are you doing for New Years?

WELL WELL WELL!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEARS EVE??? That is always the ? and I never really care OR think about it UNTIL the day before! TODAY is that day.....I drove poor Kris nutts trying to come with something! Sorry Kris!!

- I called Paoli-to see how long tubbing was open and they close to early. Called Santas Lodge same thing---I think we are either opting for 1 or 2 things-- goto the movie Marley and me! OR rent movies and stay home {Jason wants to see Facing the Giants and the Ultimate Gift again- if you have not seen these movies-please do so.. they are both FANTASTIC} not sure if Carter will sit still thru these may have to throw a kid one in there....problem is movies and me dont mix--cause I fall asleep! So we shall see..... Happy Healthy New Year to ALL whatever you may do!!! ENJOY!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carter and Lilly

Carter and his new puppy Lilly-from Santa Christmas Morning

BaCk tO drEadEd wOrK--

AHHH- break is OVER!!! BUMOR! We have cabin fever a little- and it will be good to get back to normal BUT....(always a BUT) 1/2 day would be a good start! ha It will be fine- cause we will be so busy! Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday
back to work!!!

Please pray for Garett Chanley and family- you can visit his webpage at www.caringbridge.org Sad sad sad situation-poor little guy! and here I am complaining about dreading work! I should be thankful I CAN work!!

Have a GREAT Evening!
<>< Amy

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Morning!!!!

Hello all-- Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! WE DID!! We got a new addition to our family- YES- Carter got his DOG from Santa Christmas morning!!! He loves it!! Her name is Lilly Bell Stamm haha When choosing a name for it-I was going thru Beckys baby name book and when I got to Lilly he was like YEAH YEAH thats it!!! I could not even say another one- he was adamin about it!! Bell - well that was my doing- my grandmother who I was very close to - was Florabell! and I have always wanted the name Bell or Bella! So Lilly Bell it is! She is a black Shit-zu (not sure on spelling yet) with white paws....and a strip of white under her belly (which you see quite ofter- cause she likes her belly rubbed) We got her a red sweater for Christmas (just in case Santa brought Carter a puppy) and also a bow of course!! She is adorable! and great thing she is going out to potty!! So far so good on this {My mother-in-law) had her 3 weeks before Christmas and really worked with her on this (TG) I was worried about that! NOW if I could train her to sleep in! ha It is 6:10 now and she and I have been up now for 1/2 hour! {Notice I said she and I - the boys are still sleeping sound} FIGURES! ha She slept till 8:00 the first day! I will post pictures later on today! Christmas was AWESOME- Santa came around 8:00 Christmas morning with my in-laws and my parents here- and Carter was quite NERVOUS! He has been a stinker since school started and knew Santa would know! it was hilarious to see him with Santa- he even had stomach ache before Santa came! poor guy- but it all turned out good! He gave Santa a biggggg hug after he got Lilly and said THANK YOU SANTA! It was precious! I got it ALLLLLL on tape!

Yesterday we just lounged around home till noon - we took Lilly for her first shopping trip to Rural King (I never knew you could take dogs in there - until right before Christmas we were there and I seen several- so that was a must - knew Carter would get a kick out of it) we needed a bed for her---- then we headed to eville with my parents- Lilly was HOME ALONE (I am sure she will get use to this- I hope) Jason had to goto a buddie of his dads funeral - so we got dropped off to shop- I cant believe I actually said YES to shop!! I am sick of it!! Remind me of that in weeks when I want to go! ha - mom and I were walking in a store and turning @ and walking back out! She said she feels like a professional shopper! ha!!

Today we have Christmas with Jasons parents-we always do the Sat after Christmas! We also have my aunt and uncles party- and a girlfriends open house that we will have to miss-which I hate. Since there is only 5 of us on Jasons side we usually goto the Schnitz and then back to there house for gifts. Lilly gets to go this year.

Well- Lilly has calmed down and is lounging now- so I am gonna try to get some more zzzsssss! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

PS Forgot to mention today I am meeting with my prayer group girls at 11:00= at AZURAS! Cant wait to see them ! Kristy my sister- Kristy M who lives in Washington and Shannon who just recently (well 6-8 months)moved to Chicago! LOVE THEM ALL!

<>< AMY

Monday, December 22, 2008

1 day left this week!!!!

Well I must say today when Tiffany told us we were NOT working friday - was the BEST news I have heard in awhile!! YEAH!!! So I work 1 more day this week and then off 5...... yes 5 DAYS ! My boxes will be full when I return back to work- but I am sooooo excited right now, I dont even care about that!!! Thanks Tiffany!!! Kris I know you to are just as excited as I am!!! :)

Hope everyone out there's Christmas wishes come true. God Bless! Amy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are you READY for Christmas??

So-are you ready for Chirstmas?

Well tree is up-outside lights are up- inside decorations are done- presents are bought-cards are laying on the passengers seat of my van to be mailed - need to wrap (love to do this so I wait till very last) Soooooo I think I am in good shape.. My mom -sisters- sister-in-law and I will goto Eville 1 last time for the holidays! We use to go 1 whole weekend in Novemeber but.....with everyone's crazy schedules -- we nixed that.. we are good if we can all make it the same day now. Looks like it is gonna work on Sun. I do not need a thing- well maybe some cloths for me! :) but otherwise if I pick up one more Chirstmas gift that is not on my list...I do that every year. I buy early and then continue to buy! UGH- Well- hope everyone is doing great and enjoying this special time of year!! Amy

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things you did not know - about me!

OK folks I know it is early...5:30 am to be exact but...my darling sister just called to tell me there is a 2 hour delay and I can not get back to sleep. 1-my heart wont stop pounding from the phone ringing (I hate that-in the middle of the night) and 2. I guess I have been bloggin in my head all night long-cause I already have something I want to share. I have tried going back to bed and I just can not...so....here goes what I have been of dreaming all night lol!!!


-I am scared of heights
-I hate to dance
-I have been married for 8 1.2 years
-I had a C-section
-I liked to party in HS
-I dated my husband 7 years!
-I ONLY have 1 sister-in-law
-I love the Lord!
-I went to modeling school
-I love Margaritas
-I got married in Jamaica..on the beach
-I love to scrapbook/make cards
-I LOVE diet coke!
-I love snow
-I use to be a CA (Chiropractic assistant) for 10 years
-I have 1 brother - who is very dear to me.
-I like to play tennis
-I have 1 child-Carter Alexander
-I love the ocean
-I have been at my current job 10 years
-I love giving gifts
-I am 6 foot tall
-I am the baby of my family
-I use to play firstbase
-I like to decorate
-I love antiques.primitives *the older the better*
-I like homemade wine
-I have been to Canada
-I hate to cook
-I love hot weather
-I was VERY close to my Grandma
-I have 2 older sisters
-I love black (cloths)
-I use to think blogs were silly (sorry TB-there pretty fun)
-I love chinese
-I am not a big TV watcher
-I love people
-I went to the Walk to Emmaus - @ 15 years ago
-I love the Cardinals
-I went to USI
-I would love to be a photographer
-I love sending cards
-I like to play pranks (on my brother and cousin)
-I dressed as a nun and flew to Dallas with 2 other nuns
-I use to walk 4 miles a day with a friend - faithfully
-I love watching baseball
-I have 3 nephews and 4 nieces
-I like things in order
-I love the smell of fresh laundry
-I'd rather wear a hat then do my hair
-I love to swim
-I sell Uppercase Living
-I dream the weirdest dreams
-I love driving around to look at Christmas lights
-I love love love chocolate - but can never spell it!
-I love to wrap
-I have always wanted braces-?? weird I know
-I am anal on some things (a few of you can vouch for that)
-I dont mind talking on the phone
-I love to snuggle with Carter..he's not into that anymore much
-I love to see new places
-I wanna goto Marthas Vineyard someday

-I am out of things to say!! :)

OK now that I got that out of the way---I can go get ready for work! :)

Hope you all have a GREAT day- love ya!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I know some of you dont know my high school friends so I decided...to write up a little something about each one. (Shannon I enjoyed how you did this) (2 posts in 1 night -- I must be bored-ha actually i feel rotten and am just laying around)

Ok my friends....here is a small cap about the girls in the photo.....

Donna S. Donna and I go way back! We practically lived at each others home growing up until about the 6th grade...our dads coached baseball together and our brothers, they hung out and for the most part TORTURED US! We only live like 10 minutes from each other now and really dont see each other to often- 4th of July party and Christmas party is about the extent!

Ann S. Ann and I both played on the FP tennis team and we also played on the same softball team. Ann and I never really were close until one day.....I meet a guy named Jason and he had a friend named Mike-and Mike wanted me to fix him up! Well all my friends were takin' --- but ANN just came into my head- they seem to have all the same interests..both liked sports...and soooo they hooked up and a couple years later they got married.

Yvonne R Well-Grubie and I go way back!! Kindegarten to be exact! We have been thru grade school-middle school-high school- we even roomed together in college! We have sooo much fun when we are together! She can always make me laugh! We played softball together for years--we were never gonna quit-- ha {neither one of us has played for probably 10 years now} ha...she is fun....she tells ya like it is-like it or not {and I am complete opposite-1/2 the time I didnt like it :) }She would be there in a heart beat for me!!!

Renita R - Well Renita and I actually did not meet until freshman year of high school! We are so much alike it is scary! We can almost finish each others sentences! We both like the same things-primitives of course! We have been thru a lot together! She is my ROCK! She counsels me and always has {she is a counselor} She interupts me and I hate it--but I do the same to her! She has a heart of pure gold and she loves the Lord! We are very close. She lives 1 hour from me now and at first it was hard. But now when we talk on the phone it is forever. We get together quit often.Her son and Carter are 1 year apart and love spending time together. She knows all about me and still loves me...I can trust her with anything. She is the BEST.

Heather D Heather moved to Ferdinand when we were in middle school (i think) I never got close to her until we played on the tennis team together. Now she lives 2 hrs away We still keep in touch via email and calls...We see each other at 4 of July - Turtle Soup (at her moms always in Oct) and then a Girls Christmas party. Maybe more just depends. We have sooooo much fun together! She is a doll! I know I could ask her any favor and she would be there for me! We are BACHLOR BUDS! ha-
She has a senior in high school and I just admire her for what all she has been thru.

Tammy P Tammy and I are BLOOD SISTERS! ha! We really are- when we were little we made a vow and did the whole spill about being best friends till the end....that my friends has not changed!!! We have been best buddies since Kindergarten! I lived at Tammys ALL the time-I wanted to be a farm girl! I loved helping on that farm- we had to check turkeys (you would think Id be use to that smell... NOT) everyday when Id come home with her I loved it! We rode 4 wheelers like there was no tomorrow....We have been life long friends and that makes me smile...we see each other pretty often...we only live about 20 minutes from each other. She to would do anything for me and is ALWAYS there for me and understands me.

Becky S well Becky AKA cousin/best friend is like a LITTLE sister I never had.....We have been together since day 1! She is 1 grade year behind me --- but we always hung out with the same group. We have played tennis together-we went to gymnastics together- we ice skated together--we have done everything together. and now our kids goto the same sitter and they to are doing a lot together--there is a 4 year gap between them though-but I know they to will remain close.....Becky is my ROCK everyday.She and I make it a point to talk everyday..somehow----sometimes even 3-4-5 times ha. She is very strong in her faith and walks daily with the Lord. She and I try to walk when we can at lunch but lately its been bad. She has a heart of gold..she is caring and I love her like a sister!

well that is just a little portion of my friends in a nut shell---I am sure I will think of lots of other things to say or might not want to say! All of my friends are precious to me....in their own special way. Thank you Lord !!! I have meet a lot more friends along the way and I am sooo thankful for each and everyone of you...

Christmas interview-Carter

I interviewed my 7 year old again....he loves seeing this on my blog! :)

Why is Christmas SPECIAL?
- CAUSE it is Jesus's birthday
- snow
- family-food-home-friends

Why do you love Christmas?
- Cause we get presents {naturally}
- Cause it is Jesus's birthday
- Cause Santa comes!

What do you want for Christmas?
- a cute puppy!!!!!!!!
- puppy food
- $oney for the dogs DR appointments!!!!! :)
- a DS
- DS games
- basketball shoes (that has not been on the list until right this minute)
- JASPER basketball uniform {another new one}
- a new bat
- mitt

Do you like snow?

- because it is fun to play in and it is cold and I get to wear my overalls. It is SOOOO fun.

Are you glad to be off of school?
-YES -excellenta (he thinks this is a spanish word??? )

WHAT DO YOU or your Kids want ?

Carter has been pretty adamin about a puppy! He keeps checking the internet for puppies for sale in Dubois County.. He counts his $ everytime he gets a few extra dollars...he REALLY REALLY wants a puppy for Christmas! Stay tuned to see if he gets a puppy from Santa!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Friends are the BEST FRIENDS!!!

Here are my girls---- Donna-Heather-Ann-Me Tammy-Von-Renita- & Becky.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, I waited awhile to post this to get the pictures from our "GNO" But....Miss Heather has not sent them yet. sooooooo....I will post some later. We had our anual GNO It was the 8 of us.....ALL but 1 showed. We were all grade/high school friends. We stay in contact and get together about 3 times a year. (Some of us more-but as a group only @ 3ish) Heather lives the futherest away-Columbus-In - then Renita- in Evansville and the rest of us live in Dubois County. It was once again a BALL!! thanks girls!! We laugh- we eat-talk-drink-we eat some more and drink-and-sometimes we even spit up ha.....we ALL pretty well agreed.... we have ADD! We can NOT stay on one topic for very long at all...BUT...thats what happens when you put a room full of 38 year old girls together..

We left Becs around 11:00 pm and headed to Fleis. IT WAS PACKED!! They had karoka there and e-one was there. We headed in only to find {by the way only 5 of the 8 went} ALL of us were headed into different directions. It was a GREAT time just havingfun-laughing-and getting out. We then had to call our taxi {thanks Ann} she came into Fleigs at 2:30 am in the freezing cold-cause she did not want us to drive.....WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR! Fleigs was actually still pretty happening but....we had enough! We then headed to Heathers mom for a "slumber party". It was fun-we have stayed there the past 2 years and it always tops off the GNO. So I just want to say THANKS! To the BEST friends EVER!! IT was once again-a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

welcome HOME to the Troops

Just got back from town - they had the parade with the troops returning from IRAQ! It was really neat to see-Carter and I left home @ 7:30 to just drive around the square.....well there was no driving @ the square- everything was blocked off. People standing with umbrellas in one hand and American Flags in the other. Wrapped in Flag blankets-holding red and blue balloons- stars and strips on their umbrellas and hats. It was really touching! We ended up parking and getting out. The troops were just going thru Ferdinand when we got to the square....so I figured it would not be long.. {that is why Jason decided to stay at home-he figured they would not be on time and IU was on and he did not want to miss that of course....} ANYWAYS.....per some phone calls people around us had gotten, they were now in Huntingburg and they had gotten stopped by not 1 but 2 trains!! You got to be kidding -right! I was ticked and I didnt even know any of the soldiers coming home- or should I said I didnt have any loved ones....Well, it was time and you could hear the sirens but could not see the police cars etc... FINALLY they came up the road to the square......Waving out the windows {some could barely get there windows open} some looked happy some just looked like they were in awe.....the families cheering-yelling I love you-great job-thank you!! It was really neat to be a part of it!!

The way home was spent answering 100 and I mean 100?s that Carter had! He first asked if they used "paint ball guns over in IRAQ" UH NO was my answer!! He wanted to know where the Iraquie people were....where the dead ones were--who dies more us or them- this little guy was not gonna stop- thank God we finally arrived home and it was b.t(9:00-I let him fudge tonite-so we could go see that) As he lays here right next to me and sleeps I pray that whatever route he decides to take when he gets older- and where ever God leads him that he will always be safe-whether he is playing "paintball" or in the Army! GOD BLESS THE USA!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The cutest little card...I ever did see!

YEP thats right I said card-- Christmas that is! I freaked out yesterday when I got my first one and then today---today I got "the cutest little card you EVER did see"! (heck mine are at the press - but not done yet) OMG It is from my friend Kelly Frank! She has three little cuties (2 girls Faith & Ellie and 1 boy Bryce) and boy are they ever "hammin" it up! It is 4 sides of professional pictures.It is all black background and black cloths with red hats/gloves for the girls and white for Bryce! I wish soooo bad I could post it on here....Cant wait to show you!! I love photo Christmas cards-they are sooo fun to get!! Have a Great Wednesday- I know I will I am off- (last vacation day for 2008) ENJOY! <>< Amy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Can you say SNOW~

some more that is! I LOVE SNOW!! WE (my whole family love snow) When my G-ma Greaty was alive we use to always call her at the first sign of a snowflake. Now that she is gone - I call my mother instead. It is just so peaceful and beautiful! I just love watching it fall! Today at work I went outside for break and just stood there and let it fall on my face..Kris then came out and she too did the same thing. There is something so heavenly about it. My great friend Shannon lives in Chicago and I KNOW she probably has much more snow and I am so jealous.... :) I know this may sound carney to some- but in the evening I will goto the window and look out at the street light to see if it is still snowing. When I wake up in the morning to snow - I am HAPPY......BUT if it has stopped I am not so happy.....there is just something about watching it snow that makes me happy! So... let it snow let it snow let it snow!!! :)