Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, I waited awhile to post this to get the pictures from our "GNO" But....Miss Heather has not sent them yet. sooooooo....I will post some later. We had our anual GNO It was the 8 of us.....ALL but 1 showed. We were all grade/high school friends. We stay in contact and get together about 3 times a year. (Some of us more-but as a group only @ 3ish) Heather lives the futherest away-Columbus-In - then Renita- in Evansville and the rest of us live in Dubois County. It was once again a BALL!! thanks girls!! We laugh- we eat-talk-drink-we eat some more and drink-and-sometimes we even spit up ha.....we ALL pretty well agreed.... we have ADD! We can NOT stay on one topic for very long at all...BUT...thats what happens when you put a room full of 38 year old girls together..

We left Becs around 11:00 pm and headed to Fleis. IT WAS PACKED!! They had karoka there and e-one was there. We headed in only to find {by the way only 5 of the 8 went} ALL of us were headed into different directions. It was a GREAT time just havingfun-laughing-and getting out. We then had to call our taxi {thanks Ann} she came into Fleigs at 2:30 am in the freezing cold-cause she did not want us to drive.....WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR! Fleigs was actually still pretty happening but....we had enough! We then headed to Heathers mom for a "slumber party". It was fun-we have stayed there the past 2 years and it always tops off the GNO. So I just want to say THANKS! To the BEST friends EVER!! IT was once again-a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!

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