Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still working on it!!

Ok well- here it is 1/2 done (if you can tell-looks better in person) and my kitchen appliances are in my dining room - nice huh? well its NICE cause I dont have to cook!! Yeah= Jason is laying the floor in kitchen Sat. So those 2 rooms will be done...... having dining room chairs painted by a friend-Rose and they should be done soon too-cant wait to see them.....Will take final pictures when all is done.......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Whos it gonna be????

Ok you Bachelor fans!! WHO is it gonna be?? Molly or Melissa? or De'anna? YIKES-- I am in the middle of watching Bachelor Tells All now!! WHEW Id hate that!! Some of them girls are just mean!! ANYWAYS I am a BIG fan of this show!!! Did you see Ryan and Trista-that was the best ever----ANYWAYS---who do you think--I like Melissa but something tells me its gonna be Molly. (the fact that Jason has not met Melissas family scares me? What do you think---CANT WAIT :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pictures from Snowball Tourney


look at the slop on the field! {Needless to say our laundry was bad}

Carter having a snack

that's Jason in the field

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Softball in the Snow!!!!

YEP that's right!! Jason had a game this a.m. (first one of the year) he had mentioned it was called the "SNOWBALL" ha well, shortly after him and Carter arrived home from the first game it started snowing....he was scheduled to play again and the field was covered. Since we just live a hop skip and jump from the field, I ventured down to get some picture to show on my was crazy. Guys in coveralls-coats-hats I could not even tell who the players were! Carter wore his mud boots! ha it was so nasty --but there was NO way I could have made him stay home!! BOYS WILL BE BOYS- they love there ball. Several hours later I went down to the field to check on Carter and he was with two of the guys on the team chasing balls....lets say in the ditch shagging them with a fish net!!! He said he was fine-they had been in the concessions with a heater in between games! I left him there, as I knew he would fight me to come home. It is 9:45 p.m. and they still are not home!! What a fun time they must be having!!! {I have enjoyed my alone time :) }

P.S. SORRY no pictures! (With the remodeling etc. I cant find my thingee to put in laptop to download pics- I will post them when I find it)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sleepy Wednesday

Hey! I am wide awake at 10:16 so I thought I would blog....I have been sore throaty-sinus(e) and mucosey for like um three weeks now--- getting old-very old. I Was up all night coughing and when I woke up this a.m. I decided that was it----I wasnt going anywhere! I stayed home and slept a total of 17 hours and then some and now I am you guessed it WIDE AWAKE! Dont really know anything new...we are at a standstill with our home...just ordered floor for kitchen and bathroom and counter top and still deciding on color for living room. When that all is in we can move forward again.....The dining room is done and I love it! Think I need to have a huge garage sale to get rid of some things- I am TRYING to downsize- and if all goes well it will be less clutter.....yeah!

On to my second formation tomorrow night for Walk 38...met lots of new wonderful ladies again. Looking forward to the weekend starting thurs the 26th of March- anyone interested? ==there are 3 spots left. -- It is an incredible time- a time to get to know yourself and- a time for just YOU ! 72 hours of just you and ALL of Gods love. YOU CANT EVEN IMAGINE!!! Pray about it! I promise you will be blessed!! The lay director Vicki is AWESOME ! so fun and beautiful in and out. think about it!

off to sleep......

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HAPPY Valentines Day!!

Ok so its almost over-! Hope everyone had a GREAT day with there loved ones. Our day started off great----we slept in! I am not even gonna tell you how long! BUT put it this got me off to a shaky start! We did a few things around the house (getting there on the house -- waiting for tile and carpet to come in ) today and then headed to Walmart- that place was crazy. Anyways after that we headed to Washington to serve supper at the Chrysalis- my sisters and niece are there working. Jason Carter and myself went to serve supper- it is the first day for the catepilars so it was still kinda somber--they are all still wondering what was gonna happen next. For those of you that have been on a walk now what I mean-and for those of you who have not been..they always say "dont anticipate-just participate" ! NOT ME!! I was trying to figure it all out on my walk ! HAHA- MAN was I ever dumb- ok sorry about that......anyways- ended up just hanging out then with Jason and Carter my two VALENTINES! {one was a little cranky though - his name starts with a } :)
Love to you all!!

PS: MY dear sweet friend Shannon-who lives in Chicago -and I miss dearly- sent Jason and I the Love Dare book from the movie Fire Proof! THANKS SHANNON that was so SWEET! WE LOVE IT!!!!!-- cant wait to read it-Jason is still trying to figure out which one of us should read it!? HA :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ok have any of you seen the movie "Fireproof"? OMG!! It is a MUST see!!

A great friend of mine Kris, owns a video store and I told her AS SOON AS this movie comes in I want to rent it-cause we missed it at the movies. Well, she brought it to me right when she got it and it was not a good time cause I had to get it back to her ASAP and it was during the week. I dont know about you but watching a movie together during the week just does not happen to often at my I gave it back and told her to bring it back at the weekend....thanks Kris. Well, yesterday Carter was at a friends house and we MADE time to watch it......OMG it is soooo good. It really hits home! So for any of you that have not seen it with your spouse...make it a date to see! It would be a great Valentines gift too, I would love it....and the book that goes with it too. hint hint ;) ENJOY!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Out of the house

hello! We are now on day 6 of being out of our house. We have temporarily moved in with my ILs! It has not been to bad- actually I am getting very cooking, no cleaning, no dishes, no grocery shopping- nothing! They will not let me do anything-- however, I am trying to keep up on our laundry as I sneak it out and take it home (We can only get in basement- so I go home for that only) The hardwood floor has been refinished! We are now waiting for it to dry - we should be back home by Tues. Jason does not want to rush anything. Besides, we still have lots to do. We were at Home Depot today and checked on some things....there are so many decisions to make. Right now we will just enjoy this time to chill - until we have to move home and begin working. Tonite we have colored and did puzzels and just hung out, it has been fun.

Tomorrow Carter has a busy day with baseball sign up and basketball practice. Carter also has his Valentines program Tues night- food bank Wed night and Thurs I start my first of six formations for the Womens Walk that is being held March 26. WHEW then another week down....boy they go to fast.

Contine prayers for: Andrea-Cleat-Harper-Aubrey-Garett-Jace and all of the others that are affected.

Monday, February 2, 2009

CAN YOU SAY MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL new.....
can you see the paint job Jason did???

uh- we got one here!! BUTTTT it will be so worth it!! When it is done! I am showing some pictures of what he did today (firsat day)! I am excited!!! We are moving out right now till he is done so I will be on cell phone! WHAT do you think??? TFL