Monday, February 23, 2009

Whos it gonna be????

Ok you Bachelor fans!! WHO is it gonna be?? Molly or Melissa? or De'anna? YIKES-- I am in the middle of watching Bachelor Tells All now!! WHEW Id hate that!! Some of them girls are just mean!! ANYWAYS I am a BIG fan of this show!!! Did you see Ryan and Trista-that was the best ever----ANYWAYS---who do you think--I like Melissa but something tells me its gonna be Molly. (the fact that Jason has not met Melissas family scares me? What do you think---CANT WAIT :)


Lauren said...

I loved Ryan and Trista. Totally watched their beautiful wedding on TV, too!

Leah Robinson said...

Ryan & Trista were the best! I haven't stayed with it since them!

Amy S said...

oh man- its good-final night is MON!!