Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sleepy Wednesday

Hey! I am wide awake at 10:16 so I thought I would blog....I have been sore throaty-sinus(e) and mucosey for like um three weeks now--- getting old-very old. I Was up all night coughing and when I woke up this a.m. I decided that was it----I wasnt going anywhere! I stayed home and slept a total of 17 hours and then some and now I am you guessed it WIDE AWAKE! Dont really know anything new...we are at a standstill with our home...just ordered floor for kitchen and bathroom and counter top and still deciding on color for living room. When that all is in we can move forward again.....The dining room is done and I love it! Think I need to have a huge garage sale to get rid of some things- I am TRYING to downsize- and if all goes well it will be less clutter.....yeah!

On to my second formation tomorrow night for Walk 38...met lots of new wonderful ladies again. Looking forward to the weekend starting thurs the 26th of March- anyone interested? ==there are 3 spots left. -- It is an incredible time- a time to get to know yourself and- a time for just YOU ! 72 hours of just you and ALL of Gods love. YOU CANT EVEN IMAGINE!!! Pray about it! I promise you will be blessed!! The lay director Vicki is AWESOME ! so fun and beautiful in and out. think about it!

off to sleep......

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Leah Robinson said...

Hey Amy! Hope you're feeling better! That sinus stuff seems to be going around!

Hey I was wanting to order some uppercase living stuff. Can I just order off your online catalog? What do I need to do?