Thursday, January 29, 2009

ANOTHER day of snowtime fun......

THIS is what was going on on the inside......

While this was going on on the OUTSIDE--thanks Nathan for keeping Carter busy!


here is Nathan showing his stuff

and Carter too. He actually just got this and loves loves loves it!!! It took him a few tries to get it down pat but now he doesnt want anything to do with a sled.......If your child {esp. boy} dont have one keep it in mind for Christmas next year--I promise he will love it!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


GOING SLEDDIN'..........

Cale-Carter and Kimbra

Walking over to Cale and Kimbras from our house

First time down


Carter trying out the snow baord

Kimbra and Carter

for supper their mom and dad invited us over to roast hot dogs and marshmallows we took Carter home got him out of his "all day" soaken cloths and put dry ones back on and headed back over....Carter was certain he was not going sleding anymore--he was done. Well Cale and Kimbra went some more and then about 4 more neighbor kids showed up and guess what...YEP Carter was back at it for another 2 hours.. they were having so much fun...and of course my cameras battery died right after I took this bottom picture..... It was really a neat way to spend the evening... Id love a fire pit in my back yard.....only thing we were missing was some wine!

Until next time.....good night!

Our House earlier in the day covered in snow/ice.....

LOVE the SNOW!!!


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stay warm!

Hello to all- Hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there- be careful.
No school again are loving it. Carter is actually having a sleep over tonite with some neighbor kids...they will probably be up all night! great for me !! ha

take care- AMY

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend!

Ok well- Carter is off to my bff in Evansville-her son Harrison invited him to come stay there over night- which works out perfect cause Jason and I have plans....-so as we speak they are off at Gattitown having a ball {heard that is a really neat place---I am certain after today we will be back} ----THANKS to my mother for taking him down to meet her- I know you love any chance you can to 1. Be with Carter and 2. Go to Eville to shop== SO THANKS! your the BEST..... Ok so Jason and I had all morning to catch up on house projects/decisions or lets say LACK OF DECISIONS! Man that is hard!! We went to Carpet Outlet and TRIED to pick out flooring-along with colors- tile-etc. NOW to all of you that built - hats off to you---cause I don't know how you do it--I could never do more than what I am now---3 rooms and Jason has said lets just finish it all up while we have total chaos in the house ----hello- I cant even decide on a color for 1 !!!! The more we talk the more I get confused---so right now we are heading out of the house! RUN right ha no- we are headed to Bloomington with our good friends to go out tonite and then to an IU game at noon sun!{I hate leaving with a disaster in my home but we had it planned and not much to do till I make final decision anyhow} Should be fun- We did this 2 years ago for Jasons birthday and it was a BLAST!! We stay downtown so we can walk everywhere....our friends have season passes to the IU game and we do not therefore we don't get to sit with them which is no biggie.... it gives me and Jason some time haha him to watch the game and me watch the people!! HAHA {Carter went the other night with him and he probably watched more than I will} bad I know- I just don't get into basketball----now baseball that's my thing!!

Well to all of you out there hope your enjoying your weekend somewhat!! Have a GREAT one!!

and this is for Marcie----- hats offffffff!!!!!!!! I know you have been working VERY VERY hard on Garretts fund raisor--- I hope you got a lot more entereing done today-----Fri night was crazy---think I need glasses now ! hahaha SO THANKS I know they will totaly adore you for this awesome thing you are doing and you will be soooo blessed!!
love ya AMY

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BACK to work!

Ok so the remodeling has been on hold for awhile-- we thought maybe the junk we were getting up off the floor- under our carpet and then the vinyl before the hardwood (it really does make sense read again lol) was ASBESTOS! but we called all health depts- {they were no help by the way which was a complete disappointment!!!} -- we were then referred to "lab" in Indy that would test it.... so off in the mail it went and last night we received an 8 page letter confirming there was NO YES NO SIGN OF IT!!! YES! I even made Jason call the company and talk to someone in person- they were like you are FINE--- thank you LORD!!! So now---back to work on the floor! We are having a guy from a hardwood company come give us an estimate on HIM doing I have not done a cart wheel in sometime BUT let me tell you when Jason told me that I was ready to!! haha Those of you that know Jason KNOWS he likes to do everything himself- and he is good at it- problem is it takes him so LONG and AMY dont like that!! :) So now I must pick out my paint.....thought I had that all figured out until my mother put her 2 cents in and said the color I had choosen looks so much like what I have.....and she is so right--- so now I am looking for a different color to go with. I will get some pictures after we paint--- that should be a few more days... stay tuned......

PS Thanks for all the prayers for Griffen and Harper....Griffen is home and will be heading to school a little while Wed. So thank you thank you thank you for prayers !!! Goto to read up on Harper...continue praying for both of these two to heal-- thanks so much... you will be blessed!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Prayers!!

Prayers needed for this sweet little baby Harper.....ran across this blog and felt the need to Pass it on......thanks!! {view at}

haPpY BirThdAy KelSeY!!!!!!!!

happy birthday to you!!! and mannnnnnnny more!!!

Update on GRIFFEN!

Hey all- thanks for the prayers for Griffen and the Bauers......keep it up.... Check out for detailed update.... he has gotten up several times today which is an AWESOME sign!! Keep the prayers coming...thanks and God Bless..... Amy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayers for GRIFFEN-

Hey to all....... need prayers for my boss Tiffany's son Griffen! He was hurt last night-- don't know all the details==just pray for healing and no long term problems.... .. thanks God Bless

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lilly says HI!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

THE WINNER IS...........drum roll :)


yeah-Leah I will get it in the mail--please email me your address.......

Thanks to ALL 5 of you (ha) for playing along! I know you ALL have made a HUGE difference in other peoples lives and I THANK YOU for sharing that !! Conitue to make a difference in the lives of others and PASS IT ON----- that is what we are here for!! GOD BLESS

WE ran into problems!!


this is for you TRB!

poor Jason pieced it all back together....
cause his wife was about to have a NBD!!

Here is the carpet back down--long story!! (Notice the duck tape - taping the pieces of carpet back together. Jason did a great job piecing it back together :) This is only TEMPORARY!!!! Long story made short- We are not sure if what we were finding under the original vinyl was safe or not- so we had to quit and send it off to get it tested. NOT HAPPY! PRAY HARD it ALL WORKS OUT!!! or we will go to plan B! Plan B being we install hardwood floor over the top of the old vinyl. We have the original in our bedroom therefore I wanted the original in the rest of the house. But we will see... whatever it is I am just ready to move on- I have been so good (its only been since mon :)) soo I am ready to get 'er done! {ha Is that how you say that? My dad says that sometimes jokingly.} ha Well until next time good night!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phase 2 -

Ok Phase 2 of the remoldeling is not quite as easy as Phase 1 was--Here are some picture of Jason and Carter working on getting the floor up.. We had carpet and under the carpet is the stuff that has been there for 60 yeah 60 years...and let me tell you it has stuck well....way underneath that is the original hardwood that we are looking for. {If anyone has ever done this or know anyone that has PLEASE contact me ASAP!} It is going to take a lot of hard work- tonite after work at 4:30 I got home to Jason and Carter working on it- Jason since 2:30 and Carter since 4:00. We worked till 7:45 on it and this is all we got done... think Outcome right---stay focused! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Phase 1 of Remoldeling!!!

Ok well we officially I posted the before pictures of our process. We are re-doing our kitchen-dining room and sun room. Cant wait--Oh God give me patience. :) Plasterers(sp??)were here all day today and they will be back tomorrow and again Fri. We will then wait (So I was told tonite) 2 weeks to paint! YIKES- oh well I really don't even have my paint figured out yet-so this is good----If anyone is planning on coming over-be prepared...ha I keep telling myself it will be worth it.....ok so next is the ripping out of the carpet and kitchen floor....HOPEFULLY there is hardwood under there and we will re-do that to look nice....this is our plan. but.... we shall see...Jason wants to go for the counter tops too but I am not sure yet--ONE thing that is helping me thru this is I don't have to cook-or so I said. I told Jason and he was like WHAT!! hey whats wrong with turkey sandwiches......soup......tuna....sounds good and easy to me :)Ok here are the pictures before Mehringer's were here. and then the after dungeon look!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

another first---

border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5290209717979516674" />

Ok-well today marks yet another first for Carter. It was his FIRST Basketball practice. We headed out around 2:15. {As Carter is walking outside to the van I asked him to stop and look at me cause I wanted a picture...he normal just stops and smiles....well today, today I got, "GOSH MOM you dont have to take my picture"......I was like WHATEVER SON- that is why I am going!!! ANYHOW- Jason is helping so he had to be there at 2:30 for 3:00 practice and me- well I didnt have to go, but I REALLY wanted to and get some pictures. Glad I did, there were lots of others there too. It was crazy- I dont see how those guys can control about 60 kids but hey- they did it!! Some just stood there, some danced around the whole time, some listened and some did not. I got several good laughs...they are just so free and easy at this age. (ALL 1st GRADERS) Below I posted some of my favorite pictures. I did not follow Carter around to each station so sorry for some of the far away shots. {OK Sorry totally backwards} Ok Just a few random photos from the practice--I am still learning...Tiffany lesson two tomorrow....I forgot! :) welcome back!

Here's to Kris.....

Congratulations Kris! One of my GREAT friends just annouced today that she has started her own blog....yeah--- It is called MY BLAND LIFE.. let me tell you that is as far from the truth as possible. This girl has been thru so much and still has FAITH - HOPE - and LOVE like you have never seen... {Her first marriage she was a BLAND- therefore her kids are BLANDS-- she then remarried after being a widow for several years} ANYWAYS....she is my ROCK--She is ALWAYS there for me - we laugh we cry-we joke- we even get in trouble together (at work) she prays for me - we share stories about our kids-husbands-friends-God..she is even Santa for me.....we have this relationship that we can figure out what the other one is trying to say without even saying it...ha Kris I know you know what I mean!!

...... ANYWAYS in high school I use to goto WINKS at Ferdinand and there was this girl that worked there--never knew her but always always seen her and she waited on me ok now fast forward 20 years......My boss was interviewing one day and this girl walks in and said hi Im Kris, she went into her interview and I was like man- I know her from somewhere. Well when she was done, she stopped to chat for a miniute and I was like I KNOW YOU from somewhere but I cant place you
{I hate when that happens} and she looked at me like GIRL - I have never seen you in my life...ha ANYWAYS after standing there awhile we finally figured out WHERE it was it was WINKS!! OMG that was to funny! We were meant to meet up again...and I thank GOD for that.. she is my ROCK and I am so thankful for her....

Like I said earlier this girl has been thru the mill and back and believe you me---you would of never guessed heres to Kris !!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Congratulations to my niece and godchild Adi! Just found out from her mother that she made homecoming for FP. She is a freshman rep. PROUD OF YOU ADI!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok I was blessed to have won a digital photo frame, so in return I am "passing it on". {NO- not the photo frame} ha something else.....sooooo.. leave a comment below of something extra-ordinary that you did in 08 to make a difference and I will pick a winner and that winner wins a free transfer from Uppercase Living! Leave your real e-mail address so I can tract you down! NOW....a few extra-ordinary things I have done this year....well I can think of one for sure (with the help of 9 others) and I'll leave it at that!

Most of you know that my girlfriend Jamie has leukemia. Well in March of 08- Jason and I along with 8 others met for the first time to plan a benefit for her! Well the benefit was not until Sept 20th so we had 6 months to plan - organize - make flyer's- get donations -you name it {we all worked together and did it} It was one of the most REWARDING things that I have ever done and I still cant believe we did it! Turn out- AWESOME!! We raised A LOT!!!!! Amen to that!!! Like I said earlier it was the MOST REWARDING THING I have EVER done-and the best part, my husband was right there beside me!

Now lets hear can be as simple as helping the old man next door!! I know you have all made a difference to someone -- somewhere.....thanks for playing!! God Bless! <><

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I WON!!!!!

Ok 2 posts in one night I know--sorry- but I had to tell you!!!

I WON and I NEVER EVER win anything!! I hopped on someones blog that I dont even know (you bloggers know what I mean) and she was having a contest on things that you love and things that annoy you! I am sooo excited ! I just received the email that I won a 7 inch digital photo frame. (her little girl drew my name out of her hat)
I just may have to do this -- until next post...I will be thinking! Good Night!! <>< Amy

Lillys first play date-well sorta!

Before Christmas Mrs Gadlage-Carters teacher - told me Carter had wrote down on his list that he wanted a puppy-well she and I got to emailing and come to find out she has a shih tzu ....she asked if we would care to come over Christmas break to her house so her Jovi could be around Lilly. {She is planning on maybe getting another shih tzu and wanted to see how it would be} Well-we had planned for 4:00 today to go meet Jovi. Upon meeting, Lilly growled at Jovi at first... it was cute to see how they both acted. Needless to say it was no play date like I thought it would be....They both layed there...Jovi in either mom/dads arms and Lilly on Jovis couch! It was a nice visit as they both exchanged Chirstmas gifts! ha Jovi getting a stocking full of dog treats- and Lilly got 2 toys! Maybe we will have to try for another play date....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going to Pet Smart for the 1st time~~

We took Lilly down to Evansville to get all cleaned up and boy was she a good girl! She slept the whole way down to Eville....and the whole way home too. She was exhausted after her long day! Here is Carter and his cousin Chloe carrying her in to get groomed.

Handing her over!!

Lilly is ALL done and Tuckered after her massage and shampoo!

Here Chloe is putting Carter in his place!

A good place for Carter :) whoof whoof!!

Friday, January 2, 2009



Today is (was) Jasons 42nd Birthday!!! We had a real nice evening-we went to French Lick to eat at Hagans with Jason parents and then to the dome in West Baden - talk about nice-that dome is unbelievable-a man was playing the oregon -it was so relaxing- we could of sat there all night- would of loved to stay!
(If you have never seen it = it is something to see}

HAPPINESS TO YOU ALWAYS HON! Love you- Amy and Carter

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a GREAT NEW YEAR in 2009 and had fun celebrating! We had a rocky start==== but it ended well! Jason Carter and myself walked to Acapolcos (?) and had dinner and margaritas of course....and then walked home. I ended up getting the Ultimate gift movie and we watched was soooo good! We all made it thru the whole movie! We feel asleep at 11:10 and woke up at 12:30 to find out that we MISSED the BALL DROP!!!

I hope everyone is blessed in 2009 and stays healthy and happy!!!
<>< Amy