Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lillys first play date-well sorta!

Before Christmas Mrs Gadlage-Carters teacher - told me Carter had wrote down on his list that he wanted a puppy-well she and I got to emailing and come to find out she has a shih tzu ....she asked if we would care to come over Christmas break to her house so her Jovi could be around Lilly. {She is planning on maybe getting another shih tzu and wanted to see how it would be} Well-we had planned for 4:00 today to go meet Jovi. Upon meeting, Lilly growled at Jovi at first... it was cute to see how they both acted. Needless to say it was no play date like I thought it would be....They both layed there...Jovi in either mom/dads arms and Lilly on Jovis couch! It was a nice visit as they both exchanged Chirstmas gifts! ha Jovi getting a stocking full of dog treats- and Lilly got 2 toys! Maybe we will have to try for another play date....

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