Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BACK to work!

Ok so the remodeling has been on hold for awhile-- we thought maybe the junk we were getting up off the floor- under our carpet and then the vinyl before the hardwood (it really does make sense read again lol) was ASBESTOS! but we called all health depts- {they were no help by the way which was a complete disappointment!!!} -- we were then referred to "lab" in Indy that would test it.... so off in the mail it went and last night we received an 8 page letter confirming there was NO YES NO SIGN OF IT!!! YES! I even made Jason call the company and talk to someone in person- they were like you are FINE--- thank you LORD!!! So now---back to work on the floor! We are having a guy from a hardwood company come give us an estimate on HIM doing it....now I have not done a cart wheel in sometime BUT let me tell you when Jason told me that I was ready to!! haha Those of you that know Jason KNOWS he likes to do everything himself- and he is good at it- problem is it takes him so LONG and AMY dont like that!! :) So now I must pick out my paint.....thought I had that all figured out until my mother put her 2 cents in and said the color I had choosen looks so much like what I have.....and she is so right--- so now I am looking for a different color to go with. I will get some pictures after we paint--- that should be a few more days... stay tuned......

PS Thanks for all the prayers for Griffen and Harper....Griffen is home and will be heading to school a little while Wed. So thank you thank you thank you for prayers !!! Goto kellyskorner.blogspot.com to read up on Harper...continue praying for both of these two to heal-- thanks so much... you will be blessed!!


Shannon said...

Great news on your floor! Can't wait to see the finished look!

Love ya!

Nicole said...

HEY AMY GIRL! Can't wait to see the new floor ! AND PAINT! Give us an update soon!

Have a super weekend!