Sunday, January 11, 2009

another first---

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Ok-well today marks yet another first for Carter. It was his FIRST Basketball practice. We headed out around 2:15. {As Carter is walking outside to the van I asked him to stop and look at me cause I wanted a picture...he normal just stops and smiles....well today, today I got, "GOSH MOM you dont have to take my picture"......I was like WHATEVER SON- that is why I am going!!! ANYHOW- Jason is helping so he had to be there at 2:30 for 3:00 practice and me- well I didnt have to go, but I REALLY wanted to and get some pictures. Glad I did, there were lots of others there too. It was crazy- I dont see how those guys can control about 60 kids but hey- they did it!! Some just stood there, some danced around the whole time, some listened and some did not. I got several good laughs...they are just so free and easy at this age. (ALL 1st GRADERS) Below I posted some of my favorite pictures. I did not follow Carter around to each station so sorry for some of the far away shots. {OK Sorry totally backwards} Ok Just a few random photos from the practice--I am still learning...Tiffany lesson two tomorrow....I forgot! :) welcome back!


Nicole said...

I know, are ya feelin' old? I see you got Eli in one of those shots! I wanted to go, too, but thought dragging Isaac and KayLee along would have made it too eventful, shall we say!

Amy S said...

take them- Nicole they can run all over the place- they would like it! and you would too!!!