Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend!

Ok well- Carter is off to my bff in Evansville-her son Harrison invited him to come stay there over night- which works out perfect cause Jason and I have plans....-so as we speak they are off at Gattitown having a ball {heard that is a really neat place---I am certain after today we will be back} ----THANKS to my mother for taking him down to meet her- I know you love any chance you can to 1. Be with Carter and 2. Go to Eville to shop== SO THANKS! your the BEST..... Ok so Jason and I had all morning to catch up on house projects/decisions or lets say LACK OF DECISIONS! Man that is hard!! We went to Carpet Outlet and TRIED to pick out flooring-along with colors- tile-etc. NOW to all of you that built - hats off to you---cause I don't know how you do it--I could never do more than what I am now---3 rooms and Jason has said lets just finish it all up while we have total chaos in the house ----hello- I cant even decide on a color for 1 !!!! The more we talk the more I get confused---so right now we are heading out of the house! RUN right ha no- we are headed to Bloomington with our good friends to go out tonite and then to an IU game at noon sun!{I hate leaving with a disaster in my home but we had it planned and not much to do till I make final decision anyhow} Should be fun- We did this 2 years ago for Jasons birthday and it was a BLAST!! We stay downtown so we can walk everywhere....our friends have season passes to the IU game and we do not therefore we don't get to sit with them which is no biggie.... it gives me and Jason some time haha him to watch the game and me watch the people!! HAHA {Carter went the other night with him and he probably watched more than I will} bad I know- I just don't get into basketball----now baseball that's my thing!!

Well to all of you out there hope your enjoying your weekend somewhat!! Have a GREAT one!!

and this is for Marcie----- hats offffffff!!!!!!!! I know you have been working VERY VERY hard on Garretts fund raisor--- I hope you got a lot more entereing done today-----Fri night was crazy---think I need glasses now ! hahaha SO THANKS I know they will totaly adore you for this awesome thing you are doing and you will be soooo blessed!!
love ya AMY

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