Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok I was blessed to have won a digital photo frame, so in return I am "passing it on". {NO- not the photo frame} ha something else.....sooooo.. leave a comment below of something extra-ordinary that you did in 08 to make a difference and I will pick a winner and that winner wins a free transfer from Uppercase Living! Leave your real e-mail address so I can tract you down! NOW....a few extra-ordinary things I have done this year....well I can think of one for sure (with the help of 9 others) and I'll leave it at that!

Most of you know that my girlfriend Jamie has leukemia. Well in March of 08- Jason and I along with 8 others met for the first time to plan a benefit for her! Well the benefit was not until Sept 20th so we had 6 months to plan - organize - make flyer's- get donations -you name it {we all worked together and did it} It was one of the most REWARDING things that I have ever done and I still cant believe we did it! Turn out- AWESOME!! We raised A LOT!!!!! Amen to that!!! Like I said earlier it was the MOST REWARDING THING I have EVER done-and the best part, my husband was right there beside me!

Now lets hear yours....it can be as simple as helping the old man next door!! I know you have all made a difference to someone -- somewhere.....thanks for playing!! God Bless! <><


Leah Robinson said...

Well I found your blog now :) We can be blog buddies LOL I'm mailing out your photo frame today!!

That’s amazing you decided to “Pass it On”. God is smiling at you today Amy!!!

In 2008 the most rewarding thing for me was sponsoring my lil sister on the Southwest Indiana Walk to Emmaus in September. SIWE is dedicated to bringing Christians to a closer relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ in order to further His Kingdom.

It has brought not only her & Christ closer....but our bond as birth sisters has grown into an indescribable saintly relationship we never had before. Since making my walk in April, we now share so much more than prior to each of our walks.

If anyone wants information on The Walk to Emmaus just hit me up on email! You won’t regret it I promise!!!

Amy S said...

OH My Awesome---love the walk to emmaus! I went in 1996 and have worked several--actually working one this March!! GREAT FOR YOU!! Sponsering someone is Sooooo REWARDING TFS!! God Bless

PS Thanks for the Digital frame---REALLY Appreciate it!

Glad we can be blog buddies.... :)

Nicole said...


The most rewarding thing that I did last year was teach art to youngsters! They get so little art in school nowadays, you know, so that was very special to me to help them expand their creative minds AND souls!

I have seen MANY of the kids since the classes and their moms and dads always comment how they STILL are being creative and wanting to take more art classes! WOOHOO! I touched someone! SO NEAT! Hugs, Miss ya, too! xoxonicolexoxo

Amy S said...

yeah Nicole- I know how you are and I know that you made everyone of those little kids feel extra special!!!(I know when I helped you out for 1 class- they just looked at me-ha like who are you!! ) ha but I am sure they loved you!!! :) TFS

Anonymous said...

Amy, Probably the most rewarding thing for me in 2008, was that I became a mentor for my 13 year old nephew for confirmation. Which means 2 years worth of going to class every Wednesday night for 2 hours and "re" learning what I learned when I was 13. It is an awesome experience and I am learning so much as I go. Thanks for sharing and giving blog candy. Amy Beckman

Tiffany Bauer said...

Great idea Amy!!!

Well for me '08 was a great year for my Stampin Up business and for myself!!! I achieved two very HUGE goals I had set for myself and by earning both the incentive trip and the #1 Rising Star Award from Stampin Up!!!! And by doing this I also have learned alot about myself and also have made so many life-long friendships!!! Heres to a great year in '09!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to copy but I have the same answer at Leah Robinson.
I also sponsored my sister on the Walk to Emmaus. We are with the Evansville district though. I was asked to work the same walk my sister made so that was also a blessing. I was an agape angel. So much fun!! I miss Mimi Tucker, "the maniacs", "mom" and "princess". I don't know what my nickname was. Probably crybaby. LOL
Leah and Amy are right. Making the walk and sponsoring someone is AMAZING!!!