Wednesday, January 28, 2009


GOING SLEDDIN'..........

Cale-Carter and Kimbra

Walking over to Cale and Kimbras from our house

First time down


Carter trying out the snow baord

Kimbra and Carter

for supper their mom and dad invited us over to roast hot dogs and marshmallows we took Carter home got him out of his "all day" soaken cloths and put dry ones back on and headed back over....Carter was certain he was not going sleding anymore--he was done. Well Cale and Kimbra went some more and then about 4 more neighbor kids showed up and guess what...YEP Carter was back at it for another 2 hours.. they were having so much fun...and of course my cameras battery died right after I took this bottom picture..... It was really a neat way to spend the evening... Id love a fire pit in my back yard.....only thing we were missing was some wine!

Until next time.....good night!

Our House earlier in the day covered in snow/ice.....

LOVE the SNOW!!!

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Kris said...

Those pictures are adorable!!