Saturday, January 3, 2009

Going to Pet Smart for the 1st time~~

We took Lilly down to Evansville to get all cleaned up and boy was she a good girl! She slept the whole way down to Eville....and the whole way home too. She was exhausted after her long day! Here is Carter and his cousin Chloe carrying her in to get groomed.


Shannon said...

Loved all your pics AMY!

Chad and I were in PetSmart today too! Rowdy Boots will go Tues for his big day:) but tonight Chad and I just bought him some of this and that... and spent more than you should on a dog... my excuse is Chad and I saw Marly and Me which put us into extreme love on Rowdy Boots mode.

Hope you are getting use to Lilly and she is going "Quick quick!" for you!! (My mother-in-law always says that when she wants her dog to go to the bathroom quickly and Chad and I have followed suit!)

Anonymous said...

haha NO NO!! HA Not as qucik as we would like---She messes around with Rolen and gets side tracked-we found out that Shih-zus are the hardest to train!! YEAH! Smart Santa!! give rb a hug from us!

PS Carter cried at marley and me ! I have not seen it yet.

Shannon said...

Too funny! And congrats on your WIN!