Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No more cast!

thats right Jason got his cast off today!! YEAH!! thanks for prayers---I did not want to drive to FL. He is in a boot for 3 weeks {he can take it on and off} ....and he can finally drive-- yeah!!! The Dr told him to wean himself off the crutches and Jason said the minute he got home - he ditched them! ha I remember doing the same thing. he goes haha

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Live with out Diet Coke ? ME?

Well I am TRYING!!!!!

I started a " Get Healthy Together Group" that lasts 12 weeks.. We meet every Tuesday { but I missed the first week} and the first night THEIR challenge was to cut back or give up THEIR soda. NOTICE- I said THEIR challenge !!!! Well, I was not at the first meeting therefore that challenge didn't mean me now....or did it! HA I had told Hillory and Kris at work that "I was not there and I never heard that!!!! lol ha==well my first meeting they reiterated {sp?} it AGAIN! NOW, I did HEAR it this time and I DO KNOW I should give them up =actually my chiropractor has been telling me to give up my Dt Coke for several years now.....but what does he know! ha Well, A LOT!!! and So far so good--I cant say that I 100 % gave them up but man.....I AM SERIOUSLY TRYING 110% to not have any...and my daily commute to McDonalds for a large dt coke for ONLY $1.00 has been CUT OUT !!! I do OCCASIONALLY have a sip here or there and if I have any it is CAFFEINE FREE!! SO thanks to OUR challenge I FEEL SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

FUNNY thing is.......

like a few days before I started the group I was on a blog and it had us list something we can NOT LIVE WITHOUT!!! You got it!!! I put Dt Coke!!! Well, I know I had a ton of other answers but DC was first to mind!!!! What a difference 1 week has made!!! THANKS girls for giving me the opportunity to TRY and get rid of DC in my diet!!!! NOW I am relying on JC to get me thru.....he is TRUELY what I can not live with out!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Start of game 1!!! Saying a little prayer before
Game one was CRAZY!!! We won..but woowee it was nutts!!!
Dbacks 15 Twins 14

ONTO game 2-----

after a banana-water and some snickers they are having a team meeting and are ready to roll......
we thought!

Carter getting ready to take some cuts before he is on deck.
Man- no pictures of this game---probably because I was to busy yelling for the
DIAMONDBACKS, it was UGLY!!! We fought back but no luck.....Will hit a HR in the top of the 4th and WE ALMOST had it need 2 runs to win.....Levi was up and hit and got out...GAME OVER....

Red Sox 13 Diamondbacks 12
-2nd in league
-Divison Champs
Pretty good year......
Here is Carter receiving his trophy....


after the game meeting.....

WERE PROUD OF OUR TEAM!!!! The coaches and their sons.

{ we got out of there with no tears believe it or not.}

After the tourney was over Carter and Colin playing in the dirt waiting on their dads..... is over for the year :( what are we gonna do!!!! DIAMONDBACKS went 2-1 in the tourney . They really had a good year. It was GREAT playing with a whole new team again....NEW FRIENDS for Carter--NEW FRIENDS for mom and dad....won their divison - got runner up in tourney!! IT was a WIN WIN for all!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ALL sTaR festivities and game

As I said in a previous post-Jason and his dad left last Saturday for the All Star festivites and game in St Louis. They arrived home this Wednesday at 3:00 in the morning....Last night Jason showed Carter and I all and I mean ALL (TB he is catchin' ya) 500 pictures. Don't worry I did not post all 500! BUT I did post a few that were interesting...soooooo here they go......wish C and I could of been along!!!!

HOME RUN DERBY.....DAVID COOK.....CHERYL CROWE....ALBERT PUJOLS......LOU BROCK.........OZZY SMITH......BOBBY KNIGHT.........OBAMA........and more.........all in 4 days

One afternoon I called to talk to Jason and he said they were downtown and they were watching them roll out the "RED CARPET" for the parade to start.....I chose this picture for you to see the RED CARPET.......Jason said it was 2630 feet long--that is 1/2 mile long!!!!!!!! He said after the parade you could take some of it--he also said good thing they did not have the truck....ha thats all we need. But those of you that know him-know we would of...that and the fact that he was in wheel chair and could not operate like normal.... :)

This is LOU BROCK- Cardinal Hall of Famer....


This is AJ PUJOLS- Alberts son.......Jason said he was EVERYWHERE

Another picture of Albert { You can never have to many}

President Obama was gonna be at the ALL STAR GAME.....therefore.....
You got it--these were the good snipers ON TOP of BUSCH STADIUM looking out for him these were not the only ones....there were more......

Before the All Star game when OBAMA was announced.....

Here is The President {In Black White Sox coat}

isnt this just perfect...hon you did a GREAT job on all these pictures.......

Here is Carter showing his new shirt that his Gramps bought him

Her is C acting GOOFEY.....
I even got a little something from the game.....:) they handed these out before OBAMA came....Jason said he knew I liked to decorate with them for the 4th....Ah How thoughtful!!!

They had a GREAT time....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy weekend-

Busy but nothing to exciting.......Jason is gone till Wednesday.....he and his father took off for the......... {I'll call them the FESTIVITES} before the ALL STAR game on Tues. So C and I are batchen it!!! Kinda fun I must admit- no cooking-come and go as we want and no schedule- BUT we DO MISS HIM!!!

rewind a Jason has been wanting to goto Walmart - and so he asked if I'd take him {since he cant drive - with broken ankle - cast} and so Friday night we had plans ha to goto WALMART----so we get to Walmart and Jason want's to ride in one of those motorized carts (which when I had my broken ankle I hated them cause I felt weird) so anyways we get him in one and started to go and I said OK here we are what do you need? He goes oh, NOTHING I just wanted to ride around Walmart in one of these carts.....and off he goes! haha wish I would of had my camera!!! OK so that was fun---NOT!

Ok now fast forward......onto Sat. a.m. My aunt -cousin - C and I headed to Petersburg for some primitive shopping....had a great time! Had a wedding Sat evening at 5:00 which was nice cause it was later that normal and you could enjoy the afternoon-anyways ..... Lindsay looked beautiful---- What a fun time we had-- I actually got to go stag and my good friend Heather was there stag too....we had fun.... {Debbie looked beautiful as usual} onto Sun. had a bridal shower in the a.m. (Whats up with all the weddings this year! - had like 5 already and about 2 to go--we NEVER have that many in 1 year) So this afternoon spent the day with my aunt and cousins and we had a nice time visiting...C had ball practice to get ready for their tourney and they did AWESOME--hope they play that good to stay in it all week (single elimination) --we shall see. I'm not QUITE ready for baseball to be over.....GO DIAMONDBACKS GO!!!!... have a GReAT week!!!

HERES A "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to a SUPER DUPER GREAT FRIEND-KRISTY M. !!!! Hope you have a HAPPY day -you deserve it!!! love you bunches- thanks for being a TRUE friend-- love ya like a sis!!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another giveaway

Isnt this a cool stamp? Well goto this blog- and sign up to win.....make sure to tell her that I sent you....she has some really cute stuff. ENJOY!

Give Away

WIN THIS.........

ok, now some of you may call these little guys ugly.....and maybe you dont like folk art....BUT.......POINT is.......I DO and I would love to win these puppies!! I am linking them to share with all of you. Goto to sign up for a chance to win... Thanks Jackie for posting such an awesome give away!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Day

One great friend......

Heres to a GREAT friend of mine - Shannon

" Happy Belated Birthday" !! Hope your doing well!!

Think and pray for you often!!! Thanks for being

such a "SPECIAL" person in my life-you mean a lot!!!
We ALWAYS have fun together and you make me laugh at the silliest things-
thanks for everything but most importantly thanks for being YOU!!!
love you bunches!!!! Hugs--- Amy

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Food-Fun-Family-Friends- Fireworks and FREEDOM that is what it is all about!!! Hope all of you are having a GREAT 4th!!!

Here's to Nicole and Scott = "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY"!!!!! Hope you have a "firecracker of a day" :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to French Lick

we met at my house at 10:00 am and headed to F.L. ==why F.L. again?? Well, when I went a couple weeks ago we had soo much fun I wanted to take them and it is kinda a central place for us to meet. Heather came down from Columbus and Renita from Eville and we spent the day there. We had a GREAT time and got lots of talking accomplished.....well, we STILL did not get the BIG 40 trip planned!!! is 1 picture I took at F.L. Wineary. Here is Heather, Renita, Tammy and Becky sampling....

It was REALLY a GREAT day---we topped it off coming back to Jasper and going to a few shops and dinner and margaritas at Los Bravos....until next time girls. LOVE YA BUNCHES and THANKS for a SUPER SPECIAL DAY!!!!
PS Here is to my mother---HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Hope Florida is WONDERFUL - you deserve it....miss you lots!!!