Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No more cast!

thats right Jason got his cast off today!! YEAH!! thanks for prayers---I did not want to drive to FL. He is in a boot for 3 weeks {he can take it on and off} ....and he can finally drive-- yeah!!! The Dr told him to wean himself off the crutches and Jason said the minute he got home - he ditched them! ha I remember doing the same thing. he goes haha


Kindra said...

What a relief to get his cast off. Aaahhh, I bet that feels much better. Have a great weekend!

Kris said...

The cast if off of Jason and on Carter now. LOL. That is to funny that he wants to wear it. Think he wants to be just like dad a little??

Nicole said...

Glad to see he has his off, but that he gave it to me, just sucks!

Let me know who Carter got when 'you can'. Eli got Yarborogh, guess I better figure out how to spelll it! HAHA!~

ENJOY F! nicole