Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scrapbook Retreat

Just got home from a 3 day scrapbook retreat with my sister Kelly- my other sister Kristy's son was coming home from Prudue and she does not see him much---but I guarentee she will be there next year---We met some "WONDERFUL new Chirstian friends"----- and we had a blast!!! We arrived there @ 9:30ish Thurs morning and the fun started......we got a lot accomplished in those 3 days--scrapbooking-food-friends-laughs-snacks-crafts-more laughs-fellowship--more food-devotional time-- --I mean really..... what more could a girl ask for?! ----Cant wait till next year ladies!!!!! {Probably wont scrap until then ;)} THANKS AGAIN FOR A WONDERFUL time!!!! see ya next year

Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer fun

ok so its been like f o r e v e r !!! {I was introduced to facebook and kinda put blogging on the backburner until a friend-actually the same friend who got me started in blogging asked if I was ever gonna blog again ---so here it goes ---- this is for you SC!!!

Ok so life has been crazy busy lately- there has been baseball-baseball and more baseball! It has been nutts. I am constantly washing uniform after uniform {and I am even lucky I do not have to do the WHITE pants--my MIL bails me out on those- Thank you Lord===they have grass stains and dirt and I simply STINK at getting those clean- besides, she has had lots of practice on those) :) I will stick to the shirt/jersey-slidding shorts-heart guards- and socks and as I speak they are in the dryer!!! We even have 2 sets of everything to help make it alittle easier-not. Carter has been very busy with ball- he loves it!!! He has been to camp at USI last week (where his dad played ball and went to school and I also went to school 1 year there) this week he is home and is going to camp at The Bombers in Huntingburg- he has loved every minute of it!!!! He plays in the league in Jasper and they actually are in the final tourney game tomorrow night! GO SOX GO! This is his first year for travel ball and it has been awesome! My husband coaches the team - 8U JCARDS - we have had several tourneys around Indiana and love it- and even a few in KY- the team has meshed real well together and gets along great!!! I love it! We use to travel with my husband and now it is Carter's time--it has been fun and we have made lots of new friends. Like I said it has been crazy busy around here......Cardinals have been on hold for us (I know you love them SC ;) and house work has too-but I wouldnt change it for anything to watch my son play the sport he loves so much! PLAY BALL!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Request from a friend of a friend. Diana Harrison Biorkman has a 5 year old son in his last stages of a 2 1/2 year battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. They are celebrating Christmas next weekend and Noah loves Christmas cards. Please take a minute to send a card to: Noah Biorkman 1141 Fountain View Circle, South Lyon, MI 48178. Thank you so much...and please re-post onto your wall. Let's get a truck load to him!! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun Weekend

Last night went out with 7 girls to celebrate one of my best friends birthday! Les turned 40 on Nov 5th. We meet at her house and headed to Eville to Cheeseburger in Paradise! LOVE IT! Ok so we got there and there was a 2 man band playing = they were GRRREEATTT! Had A LOT of GOOOOOD LAUGHS!!!! We ended up leaving there and headed to Kohls since they were open till 1:00 our time!! { I am not a big Kohls fan } I was so STUNNED when I walked in to see all the Christmas stuff!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate it! ESP with the AWESOME weather we are having!!!

Sat. Jason is playing in a tourney-so him and C headed out for the day! I was all alone again-this gets so boring sometimes---I got all my work done and headed to the field for old times sake! {I use to go to ALL the tourneys and to EVERY single game......but things have changed here in the last 2 years...I dont go as much----but I did enjoy it today. {Even got in a jeep ride in between games-it was nice--just me & J...Carter stayed at the field with the guys--he was not leaving} ......... ONLY problem is....... WHERE ARE ALL my OLD SOFTBALL FRIENDS?? I did not know to many people-sure do MISS them-we were one big family!!! Made lots of friends. Carter loves it!!! He and Jason are still there- The guys play ball in between games-tonight they were playing football- AS far as me-I headed home---I was getting chilly and wanted my nice warm bed!!! until next time == good night

Sun. Church and UL party at My BESTIES house in Eville tomorrow-- and then the funeral home. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to PRAY for my friend Janet and her family as they will go thru 2 VERY HARD TRYING DAYS the next couple of days --and then put them on your prayer list to lift them up!! THANK YOU!!!! CAN NOT IMAGINE-burying a child at 16!!!! GOD BLESS THE SCHMIDTS and GIVE THEM THE STRENGTH and PEACE that they so need right now--thank you Lord!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

heart goes out...

to the Schimdt family!! Janet Chris & Hudson--so very sorry for your loss! You will continue to be in our prayers. May God give you the strength to get thru this difficult time!!! We are a hop skip and jump (literally) away from you - if you need anything!! God BLESS YOU ALL!!!! RIP Gunnar!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

loafing on Sat.

Hey all its been awhile.....I'll be honest I got HOOKED on Face Book and have kinda negelected my Blog--however I do miss my friends I have made on I am gonna try to keep up with it~~

Sat. I had a fun filled day= it started about 8:30 am when Jason and Carter left for a tournament in Owensboro- I had the day to myself---what was I gonna do??!!! Well I called Leah, my sister-in-law up and she and I headed out to do some loafing!!! We love to do that!!! We went to the 4 rivers craft show.......I purchased 4 primitive pieces for Christmas gifts (sorry no pic) and also a baby gift.. Leah however bought an awesome primitive black bowl rack.... it is way cool--she also got a cool primitive pumkin. Ok onto the next stop......we headed towards Oakland City and turned at Arthur junction to go to a little shop along the way----Ok now I know most of you would not stop at a place like this----but we live for it!!! Get inside this place and it is so cozy and neat!!!!! {See.... you should of stopped ;) anyways===I am looking for a huge braided rug and she had them. She invited us into her log cabin home right behind the shop to see the real macoy!! OM it was neat!!! What a darling log cabin....ok now onto the next stop and down the of our favorites.....'Ol Country it-we were just there like 2 weeks ago-but I needed to go back to get more we had a 5 minute time limit in there....haha NOT! We both had to check it out my curtains and a fall piece and headed out the we are headed back to Jasper and I decided since Leah had never been to Elements in Ireland we would just stop and take a peek.....well......needless to say we were in and out in 5 minutes == we ran into a lady that has a log cabin and I told her how cute it was and she welcomed us to come anytime.......I was like WHEN {we had been to 1 already why not another?}she said -we can go now----- got it we headed right back out the door (sorry Kathy=we will be back) and MAN ALIVE was it ever CUTE and COZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just what I figured from going by all the time--It is in Shiloh----seen it havent you!?! OMG I could of just lived on the front porch!! I did not want to leave-from the front porch to the back porch and EVERYTHING inbetween it was sooooo neat!!!!!! What a fun day we had!!!! Until next time.........hope we can get some more tours in!!! Anyone interested??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

beautiful day for baseball!!!

Carters first day on the mound!!!
Jason put Carter into pitch and he did very good- no runs!!!!

concentrate Carter

look at my baby's blue eyes!!!! {takes after his nana}

do you know what I had to go thru to get this picture-with all the monkeying around!!!!

so much fun.......until next weekend!!!!