Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer fun

ok so its been like f o r e v e r !!! {I was introduced to facebook and kinda put blogging on the backburner until a friend-actually the same friend who got me started in blogging asked if I was ever gonna blog again ---so here it goes ---- this is for you SC!!!

Ok so life has been crazy busy lately- there has been baseball-baseball and more baseball! It has been nutts. I am constantly washing uniform after uniform {and I am even lucky I do not have to do the WHITE pants--my MIL bails me out on those- Thank you Lord===they have grass stains and dirt and I simply STINK at getting those clean- besides, she has had lots of practice on those) :) I will stick to the shirt/jersey-slidding shorts-heart guards- and socks and as I speak they are in the dryer!!! We even have 2 sets of everything to help make it alittle easier-not. Carter has been very busy with ball- he loves it!!! He has been to camp at USI last week (where his dad played ball and went to school and I also went to school 1 year there) this week he is home and is going to camp at The Bombers in Huntingburg- he has loved every minute of it!!!! He plays in the league in Jasper and they actually are in the final tourney game tomorrow night! GO SOX GO! This is his first year for travel ball and it has been awesome! My husband coaches the team - 8U JCARDS - we have had several tourneys around Indiana and love it- and even a few in KY- the team has meshed real well together and gets along great!!! I love it! We use to travel with my husband and now it is Carter's time--it has been fun and we have made lots of new friends. Like I said it has been crazy busy around here......Cardinals have been on hold for us (I know you love them SC ;) and house work has too-but I wouldnt change it for anything to watch my son play the sport he loves so much! PLAY BALL!!!!!!


Shannon said...

yay for the post!!!!

We are going to see the cubbies tomorrow :) they play STL next weekend!

keep the "summer fun" coming! love u bunches and bundes

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Anonymous said...

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