Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy weekend-

Busy but nothing to exciting.......Jason is gone till Wednesday.....he and his father took off for the......... {I'll call them the FESTIVITES} before the ALL STAR game on Tues. So C and I are batchen it!!! Kinda fun I must admit- no cooking-come and go as we want and no schedule- BUT we DO MISS HIM!!!

rewind a Jason has been wanting to goto Walmart - and so he asked if I'd take him {since he cant drive - with broken ankle - cast} and so Friday night we had plans ha to goto WALMART----so we get to Walmart and Jason want's to ride in one of those motorized carts (which when I had my broken ankle I hated them cause I felt weird) so anyways we get him in one and started to go and I said OK here we are what do you need? He goes oh, NOTHING I just wanted to ride around Walmart in one of these carts.....and off he goes! haha wish I would of had my camera!!! OK so that was fun---NOT!

Ok now fast forward......onto Sat. a.m. My aunt -cousin - C and I headed to Petersburg for some primitive shopping....had a great time! Had a wedding Sat evening at 5:00 which was nice cause it was later that normal and you could enjoy the afternoon-anyways ..... Lindsay looked beautiful---- What a fun time we had-- I actually got to go stag and my good friend Heather was there stag too....we had fun.... {Debbie looked beautiful as usual} onto Sun. had a bridal shower in the a.m. (Whats up with all the weddings this year! - had like 5 already and about 2 to go--we NEVER have that many in 1 year) So this afternoon spent the day with my aunt and cousins and we had a nice time visiting...C had ball practice to get ready for their tourney and they did AWESOME--hope they play that good to stay in it all week (single elimination) --we shall see. I'm not QUITE ready for baseball to be over.....GO DIAMONDBACKS GO!!!!... have a GReAT week!!!

HERES A "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to a SUPER DUPER GREAT FRIEND-KRISTY M. !!!! Hope you have a HAPPY day -you deserve it!!! love you bunches- thanks for being a TRUE friend-- love ya like a sis!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I named my son Jason and i named my daughter Amy.
He is 37 and she is 30

Pamela in NE OH

Amy S said...

haha OMG isnt that funny--Im 38 ...and hubby is 42.

Anni said...

Happy B-Day Kristy!

Funny Jason story:)

Love ya!

Nicole said...

HAHA, Jason in a wheelchair scooter! I will have to ask Josh if he saw you guys, he was working that night! LOL!

Kris said...

I can just see Jason tearing up Wmart in his scooter. LOL

Shannon said...

Hi Amy! I lost your email address somewhere. I am interested in having a UL party this fall and was wondering if you could email me some info on it? My email is . Thanks

Amy S said...

Shannon- can not get that email to work! email