Thursday, January 15, 2009

WE ran into problems!!


this is for you TRB!

poor Jason pieced it all back together....
cause his wife was about to have a NBD!!

Here is the carpet back down--long story!! (Notice the duck tape - taping the pieces of carpet back together. Jason did a great job piecing it back together :) This is only TEMPORARY!!!! Long story made short- We are not sure if what we were finding under the original vinyl was safe or not- so we had to quit and send it off to get it tested. NOT HAPPY! PRAY HARD it ALL WORKS OUT!!! or we will go to plan B! Plan B being we install hardwood floor over the top of the old vinyl. We have the original in our bedroom therefore I wanted the original in the rest of the house. But we will see... whatever it is I am just ready to move on- I have been so good (its only been since mon :)) soo I am ready to get 'er done! {ha Is that how you say that? My dad says that sometimes jokingly.} ha Well until next time good night!!!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

Thanks for the pics Amy!! They brought a smile to my face!! I needed that!!