Saturday, February 14, 2009

HAPPY Valentines Day!!

Ok so its almost over-! Hope everyone had a GREAT day with there loved ones. Our day started off great----we slept in! I am not even gonna tell you how long! BUT put it this got me off to a shaky start! We did a few things around the house (getting there on the house -- waiting for tile and carpet to come in ) today and then headed to Walmart- that place was crazy. Anyways after that we headed to Washington to serve supper at the Chrysalis- my sisters and niece are there working. Jason Carter and myself went to serve supper- it is the first day for the catepilars so it was still kinda somber--they are all still wondering what was gonna happen next. For those of you that have been on a walk now what I mean-and for those of you who have not been..they always say "dont anticipate-just participate" ! NOT ME!! I was trying to figure it all out on my walk ! HAHA- MAN was I ever dumb- ok sorry about that......anyways- ended up just hanging out then with Jason and Carter my two VALENTINES! {one was a little cranky though - his name starts with a } :)
Love to you all!!

PS: MY dear sweet friend Shannon-who lives in Chicago -and I miss dearly- sent Jason and I the Love Dare book from the movie Fire Proof! THANKS SHANNON that was so SWEET! WE LOVE IT!!!!!-- cant wait to read it-Jason is still trying to figure out which one of us should read it!? HA :)


Shannon said...

Hey Amy! Hope you have better luck getting started on that book than we have! I was on the prayer chart this morning for the journey and woo hoo actually remembered to do it during the scheduled time! Hope Kristy has had a good weekend and isnt' too worn out... she had a tough job! Love ya!

Kris said...

I looooove your new paint colors. Especially the red in the sunroom. It looks great. I can't wait until it is all done.