Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ok have any of you seen the movie "Fireproof"? OMG!! It is a MUST see!!

A great friend of mine Kris, owns a video store and I told her AS SOON AS this movie comes in I want to rent it-cause we missed it at the movies. Well, she brought it to me right when she got it and it was not a good time cause I had to get it back to her ASAP and it was during the week. I dont know about you but watching a movie together during the week just does not happen to often at my I gave it back and told her to bring it back at the weekend....thanks Kris. Well, yesterday Carter was at a friends house and we MADE time to watch it......OMG it is soooo good. It really hits home! So for any of you that have not seen it with your spouse...make it a date to see! It would be a great Valentines gift too, I would love it....and the book that goes with it too. hint hint ;) ENJOY!

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Leah Robinson said...

Great movie! I saw it with my husband when it was in the theatre...and I just bought it when it came out on DVD! I've been lending it to my friends and family that haven't saw it yet....but it's so worth the wait too!