Saturday, February 7, 2009

Out of the house

hello! We are now on day 6 of being out of our house. We have temporarily moved in with my ILs! It has not been to bad- actually I am getting very cooking, no cleaning, no dishes, no grocery shopping- nothing! They will not let me do anything-- however, I am trying to keep up on our laundry as I sneak it out and take it home (We can only get in basement- so I go home for that only) The hardwood floor has been refinished! We are now waiting for it to dry - we should be back home by Tues. Jason does not want to rush anything. Besides, we still have lots to do. We were at Home Depot today and checked on some things....there are so many decisions to make. Right now we will just enjoy this time to chill - until we have to move home and begin working. Tonite we have colored and did puzzels and just hung out, it has been fun.

Tomorrow Carter has a busy day with baseball sign up and basketball practice. Carter also has his Valentines program Tues night- food bank Wed night and Thurs I start my first of six formations for the Womens Walk that is being held March 26. WHEW then another week down....boy they go to fast.

Contine prayers for: Andrea-Cleat-Harper-Aubrey-Garett-Jace and all of the others that are affected.

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