Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things you did not know - about me!

OK folks I know it is early...5:30 am to be exact darling sister just called to tell me there is a 2 hour delay and I can not get back to sleep. 1-my heart wont stop pounding from the phone ringing (I hate that-in the middle of the night) and 2. I guess I have been bloggin in my head all night long-cause I already have something I want to share. I have tried going back to bed and I just can goes what I have been of dreaming all night lol!!!


-I am scared of heights
-I hate to dance
-I have been married for 8 1.2 years
-I had a C-section
-I liked to party in HS
-I dated my husband 7 years!
-I ONLY have 1 sister-in-law
-I love the Lord!
-I went to modeling school
-I love Margaritas
-I got married in Jamaica..on the beach
-I love to scrapbook/make cards
-I LOVE diet coke!
-I love snow
-I use to be a CA (Chiropractic assistant) for 10 years
-I have 1 brother - who is very dear to me.
-I like to play tennis
-I have 1 child-Carter Alexander
-I love the ocean
-I have been at my current job 10 years
-I love giving gifts
-I am 6 foot tall
-I am the baby of my family
-I use to play firstbase
-I like to decorate
-I love antiques.primitives *the older the better*
-I like homemade wine
-I have been to Canada
-I hate to cook
-I love hot weather
-I was VERY close to my Grandma
-I have 2 older sisters
-I love black (cloths)
-I use to think blogs were silly (sorry TB-there pretty fun)
-I love chinese
-I am not a big TV watcher
-I love people
-I went to the Walk to Emmaus - @ 15 years ago
-I love the Cardinals
-I went to USI
-I would love to be a photographer
-I love sending cards
-I like to play pranks (on my brother and cousin)
-I dressed as a nun and flew to Dallas with 2 other nuns
-I use to walk 4 miles a day with a friend - faithfully
-I love watching baseball
-I have 3 nephews and 4 nieces
-I like things in order
-I love the smell of fresh laundry
-I'd rather wear a hat then do my hair
-I love to swim
-I sell Uppercase Living
-I dream the weirdest dreams
-I love driving around to look at Christmas lights
-I love love love chocolate - but can never spell it!
-I love to wrap
-I have always wanted braces-?? weird I know
-I am anal on some things (a few of you can vouch for that)
-I dont mind talking on the phone
-I love to snuggle with Carter..he's not into that anymore much
-I love to see new places
-I wanna goto Marthas Vineyard someday

-I am out of things to say!! :)

OK now that I got that out of the way---I can go get ready for work! :)

Hope you all have a GREAT day- love ya!

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