Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I know some of you dont know my high school friends so I decided...to write up a little something about each one. (Shannon I enjoyed how you did this) (2 posts in 1 night -- I must be bored-ha actually i feel rotten and am just laying around)

Ok my friends....here is a small cap about the girls in the photo.....

Donna S. Donna and I go way back! We practically lived at each others home growing up until about the 6th grade...our dads coached baseball together and our brothers, they hung out and for the most part TORTURED US! We only live like 10 minutes from each other now and really dont see each other to often- 4th of July party and Christmas party is about the extent!

Ann S. Ann and I both played on the FP tennis team and we also played on the same softball team. Ann and I never really were close until one day.....I meet a guy named Jason and he had a friend named Mike-and Mike wanted me to fix him up! Well all my friends were takin' --- but ANN just came into my head- they seem to have all the same interests..both liked sports...and soooo they hooked up and a couple years later they got married.

Yvonne R Well-Grubie and I go way back!! Kindegarten to be exact! We have been thru grade school-middle school-high school- we even roomed together in college! We have sooo much fun when we are together! She can always make me laugh! We played softball together for years--we were never gonna quit-- ha {neither one of us has played for probably 10 years now} ha...she is fun....she tells ya like it is-like it or not {and I am complete opposite-1/2 the time I didnt like it :) }She would be there in a heart beat for me!!!

Renita R - Well Renita and I actually did not meet until freshman year of high school! We are so much alike it is scary! We can almost finish each others sentences! We both like the same things-primitives of course! We have been thru a lot together! She is my ROCK! She counsels me and always has {she is a counselor} She interupts me and I hate it--but I do the same to her! She has a heart of pure gold and she loves the Lord! We are very close. She lives 1 hour from me now and at first it was hard. But now when we talk on the phone it is forever. We get together quit often.Her son and Carter are 1 year apart and love spending time together. She knows all about me and still loves me...I can trust her with anything. She is the BEST.

Heather D Heather moved to Ferdinand when we were in middle school (i think) I never got close to her until we played on the tennis team together. Now she lives 2 hrs away We still keep in touch via email and calls...We see each other at 4 of July - Turtle Soup (at her moms always in Oct) and then a Girls Christmas party. Maybe more just depends. We have sooooo much fun together! She is a doll! I know I could ask her any favor and she would be there for me! We are BACHLOR BUDS! ha-
She has a senior in high school and I just admire her for what all she has been thru.

Tammy P Tammy and I are BLOOD SISTERS! ha! We really are- when we were little we made a vow and did the whole spill about being best friends till the end....that my friends has not changed!!! We have been best buddies since Kindergarten! I lived at Tammys ALL the time-I wanted to be a farm girl! I loved helping on that farm- we had to check turkeys (you would think Id be use to that smell... NOT) everyday when Id come home with her I loved it! We rode 4 wheelers like there was no tomorrow....We have been life long friends and that makes me smile...we see each other pretty often...we only live about 20 minutes from each other. She to would do anything for me and is ALWAYS there for me and understands me.

Becky S well Becky AKA cousin/best friend is like a LITTLE sister I never had.....We have been together since day 1! She is 1 grade year behind me --- but we always hung out with the same group. We have played tennis together-we went to gymnastics together- we ice skated together--we have done everything together. and now our kids goto the same sitter and they to are doing a lot together--there is a 4 year gap between them though-but I know they to will remain close.....Becky is my ROCK everyday.She and I make it a point to talk everyday..somehow----sometimes even 3-4-5 times ha. She is very strong in her faith and walks daily with the Lord. She and I try to walk when we can at lunch but lately its been bad. She has a heart of gold..she is caring and I love her like a sister!

well that is just a little portion of my friends in a nut shell---I am sure I will think of lots of other things to say or might not want to say! All of my friends are precious to me....in their own special way. Thank you Lord !!! I have meet a lot more friends along the way and I am sooo thankful for each and everyone of you...