Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Morning!!!!

Hello all-- Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! WE DID!! We got a new addition to our family- YES- Carter got his DOG from Santa Christmas morning!!! He loves it!! Her name is Lilly Bell Stamm haha When choosing a name for it-I was going thru Beckys baby name book and when I got to Lilly he was like YEAH YEAH thats it!!! I could not even say another one- he was adamin about it!! Bell - well that was my doing- my grandmother who I was very close to - was Florabell! and I have always wanted the name Bell or Bella! So Lilly Bell it is! She is a black Shit-zu (not sure on spelling yet) with white paws....and a strip of white under her belly (which you see quite ofter- cause she likes her belly rubbed) We got her a red sweater for Christmas (just in case Santa brought Carter a puppy) and also a bow of course!! She is adorable! and great thing she is going out to potty!! So far so good on this {My mother-in-law) had her 3 weeks before Christmas and really worked with her on this (TG) I was worried about that! NOW if I could train her to sleep in! ha It is 6:10 now and she and I have been up now for 1/2 hour! {Notice I said she and I - the boys are still sleeping sound} FIGURES! ha She slept till 8:00 the first day! I will post pictures later on today! Christmas was AWESOME- Santa came around 8:00 Christmas morning with my in-laws and my parents here- and Carter was quite NERVOUS! He has been a stinker since school started and knew Santa would know! it was hilarious to see him with Santa- he even had stomach ache before Santa came! poor guy- but it all turned out good! He gave Santa a biggggg hug after he got Lilly and said THANK YOU SANTA! It was precious! I got it ALLLLLL on tape!

Yesterday we just lounged around home till noon - we took Lilly for her first shopping trip to Rural King (I never knew you could take dogs in there - until right before Christmas we were there and I seen several- so that was a must - knew Carter would get a kick out of it) we needed a bed for her---- then we headed to eville with my parents- Lilly was HOME ALONE (I am sure she will get use to this- I hope) Jason had to goto a buddie of his dads funeral - so we got dropped off to shop- I cant believe I actually said YES to shop!! I am sick of it!! Remind me of that in weeks when I want to go! ha - mom and I were walking in a store and turning @ and walking back out! She said she feels like a professional shopper! ha!!

Today we have Christmas with Jasons parents-we always do the Sat after Christmas! We also have my aunt and uncles party- and a girlfriends open house that we will have to miss-which I hate. Since there is only 5 of us on Jasons side we usually goto the Schnitz and then back to there house for gifts. Lilly gets to go this year.

Well- Lilly has calmed down and is lounging now- so I am gonna try to get some more zzzsssss! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

PS Forgot to mention today I am meeting with my prayer group girls at 11:00= at AZURAS! Cant wait to see them ! Kristy my sister- Kristy M who lives in Washington and Shannon who just recently (well 6-8 months)moved to Chicago! LOVE THEM ALL!

<>< AMY

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