Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The cutest little card...I ever did see!

YEP thats right I said card-- Christmas that is! I freaked out yesterday when I got my first one and then today---today I got "the cutest little card you EVER did see"! (heck mine are at the press - but not done yet) OMG It is from my friend Kelly Frank! She has three little cuties (2 girls Faith & Ellie and 1 boy Bryce) and boy are they ever "hammin" it up! It is 4 sides of professional pictures.It is all black background and black cloths with red hats/gloves for the girls and white for Bryce! I wish soooo bad I could post it on here....Cant wait to show you!! I love photo Christmas cards-they are sooo fun to get!! Have a Great Wednesday- I know I will I am off- (last vacation day for 2008) ENJOY! <>< Amy