Wednesday, December 3, 2008

welcome HOME to the Troops

Just got back from town - they had the parade with the troops returning from IRAQ! It was really neat to see-Carter and I left home @ 7:30 to just drive around the square.....well there was no driving @ the square- everything was blocked off. People standing with umbrellas in one hand and American Flags in the other. Wrapped in Flag blankets-holding red and blue balloons- stars and strips on their umbrellas and hats. It was really touching! We ended up parking and getting out. The troops were just going thru Ferdinand when we got to the I figured it would not be long.. {that is why Jason decided to stay at home-he figured they would not be on time and IU was on and he did not want to miss that of course....} ANYWAYS.....per some phone calls people around us had gotten, they were now in Huntingburg and they had gotten stopped by not 1 but 2 trains!! You got to be kidding -right! I was ticked and I didnt even know any of the soldiers coming home- or should I said I didnt have any loved ones....Well, it was time and you could hear the sirens but could not see the police cars etc... FINALLY they came up the road to the square......Waving out the windows {some could barely get there windows open} some looked happy some just looked like they were in awe.....the families cheering-yelling I love you-great job-thank you!! It was really neat to be a part of it!!

The way home was spent answering 100 and I mean 100?s that Carter had! He first asked if they used "paint ball guns over in IRAQ" UH NO was my answer!! He wanted to know where the Iraquie people were....where the dead ones were--who dies more us or them- this little guy was not gonna stop- thank God we finally arrived home and it was b.t(9:00-I let him fudge tonite-so we could go see that) As he lays here right next to me and sleeps I pray that whatever route he decides to take when he gets older- and where ever God leads him that he will always be safe-whether he is playing "paintball" or in the Army! GOD BLESS THE USA!

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Shannon said...

Aw... I can't even begin to picture Carter all suited up for war...:( that was too much! I'll just pray God's safety over him always too!!!!

I should have guessed you love the wrapping part:) that is you!!!

Chad has been icing... and been to the chiropractor and regular doc... hopefully he is going to on the mend soon...

Love ya Amy!