Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas interview-Carter

I interviewed my 7 year old again....he loves seeing this on my blog! :)

Why is Christmas SPECIAL?
- CAUSE it is Jesus's birthday
- snow
- family-food-home-friends

Why do you love Christmas?
- Cause we get presents {naturally}
- Cause it is Jesus's birthday
- Cause Santa comes!

What do you want for Christmas?
- a cute puppy!!!!!!!!
- puppy food
- $oney for the dogs DR appointments!!!!! :)
- a DS
- DS games
- basketball shoes (that has not been on the list until right this minute)
- JASPER basketball uniform {another new one}
- a new bat
- mitt

Do you like snow?

- because it is fun to play in and it is cold and I get to wear my overalls. It is SOOOO fun.

Are you glad to be off of school?
-YES -excellenta (he thinks this is a spanish word??? )

WHAT DO YOU or your Kids want ?

Carter has been pretty adamin about a puppy! He keeps checking the internet for puppies for sale in Dubois County.. He counts his $ everytime he gets a few extra dollars...he REALLY REALLY wants a puppy for Christmas! Stay tuned to see if he gets a puppy from Santa!!

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