Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are you READY for Christmas??

So-are you ready for Chirstmas?

Well tree is up-outside lights are up- inside decorations are done- presents are bought-cards are laying on the passengers seat of my van to be mailed - need to wrap (love to do this so I wait till very last) Soooooo I think I am in good shape.. My mom -sisters- sister-in-law and I will goto Eville 1 last time for the holidays! We use to go 1 whole weekend in Novemeber but.....with everyone's crazy schedules -- we nixed that.. we are good if we can all make it the same day now. Looks like it is gonna work on Sun. I do not need a thing- well maybe some cloths for me! :) but otherwise if I pick up one more Chirstmas gift that is not on my list...I do that every year. I buy early and then continue to buy! UGH- Well- hope everyone is doing great and enjoying this special time of year!! Amy

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