Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Cant believe it has been 9 years since we got married!!!

For those of you that did not know...Jason and I dated 7 years!! Yep-- 7 years!! Did not even seem that long---as we spent most of our time (mainly summers) traveling with softball....I was a "true softball junkie" and loved every minute of it!!!!!...not anymore--ha---no I still go occasionally and don't mind watching but have so much more to do now-a -days!--esp. if out of town but the ones close to home I skip. Carter loves loves loves - did I say loves to go with Jason-he learns so much -- the guys are all great with him! ANYWAYS back to us.........We got married March 25th - 2000 in sunny Jamaica---YA MON! Our whole family was there.....well all but nieces and was a "couples resort" so no kids. Anyways.....Jason and myself and my 2 sisters-brother and in-law all went snorkeling like 4 hours BEFORE- our wedding!! IT WAS AWESOME!! for those of you that know me and how SPASTIC I can be (right Lisa ha) this was very UNLIKE me! It was sooooo relaxing!!! I would not change a thing. We had met with the wedding coordinator like 2 days before so it was taken care of...... no need to worry. {Now I would not of had that if I had the original Dubois County wedding}... and that my friends is why we DID not get married here!!! So then off to the honeymoon.....we were there in a .....say ....right away-- the best 10 days of relaxation ever!!! We had so much fun !!

So here's to US on this SPECIAL you ---still--forever and always---AMY


Shannon said...

Hope you had a great day!!!!

What is up with your "insides!" Hope you're doing ok!!!!

Love ya!

Kris said...

Happy Anniversary Jason and Amy!
You two are a great couple. May God bless you with many happy years together :)

Jaima said...

I heard your names on the radio and thought of you...sorry you didn't win the treats! Hope you guys had a great day!!

Nicole said...

Sorry I missed you to say Happy Anniversary. Spring Break has taken over my life with the four crazies.

Hope you celebrated in style. I thought maybe you were out of town since you hadn't emailed me back since last week. Hope you are all doing well.

Hugs, Nicole