Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Room # 4

Room #4......

the bathroom!
Jason started on the bathroom today and hopefully it wont take to long......hint hint He has to paint...and put the new floor in...floor look familar?? ugh! and then out with the old pot and in with the new....yah---(I like taking before and after pictures.) I actually took them of the kitchen but none of them did it justice-and I forgot to do the sun room ...although it has no furniture in it yet.....I will get that done sometime. Maybe tommorow night I can post the new bathroom ;) ;)

Heres Lilly Bell- like her BAB bow? haha Santa brought one pink bow and it is kaput! We can not find one that stays in--tried making them and the rb are to little-so we resorted to BAB ! Maybe we could start dressing her in all of those BAB cloths we have.

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Nicole said...

I didn't know that the bathroom was getting done, too!