Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My niece Adi goes to state finals in track Sat at IU!!!
GOOD LUCK to you Adi--we
will be there rooting you on!!
RUN ADI RUN!!!! ;)
{PS Jason made her an AWESOME sign and we put it up in the front yard to cheer her on= she called today to thank us--I asked her if she was embarassed and she said NO} -- whosh Thank goodness!! also was hoping to get a track picture of her to post but no such luck
go adi go!!!!!!!


Kindra said...

Amy, For the blue color I used the color "dolphin grey" from Delta Ceramcoat. That brand can be found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Amy S said...

thanks Kindra

Kindra said...

I live in Southeast Nebraska. :) We have a few good primitive decor stores around here. I can't afford a lot of their stuff though. LOL I usually make my things, find thrift store finds to makeover, and go to flea markets and auctions for old finds.

Indiana, I bet it's pretty where you live. :)