Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEVER enough time

Today was AWESOME!! We - Kristy and myself left home @ 1:30 and headed to French Lick Springs to meet two of our precious friends Kristy and Shannon! It was so good to see them- its been awhile-- and it was like we just picked up right where we left off = I love that!

QUITE an Interesting day-- first we started off just chit chatting in the room for awhile..... we could of stayed there the rest of the night but we had to much on the "agenda" ;) We first headed to the FL winery....UM--Kristy M and I sampled a few and then decided on one while the other two were in deep deep conversation on the store side. They closed at 5:00 so we were there only about an hour-which was probably a good thing. We then headed to see THE BIG had gone over spring break with my sister but I had never been so it was neat to see- beings we goto holiday world quite often-I guess we are sorta spoiled-looked a lot like that. But still Very Cool! We then headed to West Baden to check out the gorgeous it!!!!!!! It is just breath taking!! The spa was cool too! Back to FLS for supper! We ate there and it was awesome--the shrimp were to die for! After dinner we decided to just stroll down where the shops were and they were all closed! Did see Romy's pieces though---They look awesome. Everytime I have been they have been closed. Next up is the casino--well Kristy M kept saying all day - she was feeling like going wonder!! She won big time!! Way to go Doc!! After that and Shannon and Kristy D almost getting thrown in the pokey- ha no just kidding-- {Shannon was trying to take a picture of Kristy D playing the slots and an officer came up to her and made her delete what she just did--it was either that or um the pokey-- ha Shannon was distraught the rest of the night!!! Kristy D now gets an officer at her side asking her if she needed help....Kristy asked WHY and the officer said well your NEED HELP button is flashing!!! Oh my it was funny-- guess you had to be there!!!

It was such a nice and relaxing time-- but its just never ENOUGH time with such good company and wonderful friends!!!

Think I'm gonna have to take my besties there!!!

Thanks girls-- had an AWESOME time and Love you soooo much!
Until next years trip!!


Lauren said...

I'm fresh outta bail money so I wouldn't make the first jailhouse call to That Girl.

Jenelle said...

LOL. Shannon told us the story tonight. Sounds like someone was on a power trip as she obviously didn't know it was against the "rules"! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, glad you guys can find time to get together like that!

Shannon said...

good times for the soul:) well everything except the security guy... :)

love you!!!

Amy S said...

Shannon--you still are freaked out by the security guy that about confenskated (sp? ha looks good) your blackberry!!1 haha I can still see your face. haaha Good for the soul alright!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy! The West Baden Hotel is fantastic isn't it? You need to come back and see it at Christmas. Hope you are doing well! Amy Orr

Amy S said...

Hey Amy--how are you???? My in-laws took us up there at Chirstmas to see the lights! It was awesome!!! So so neat- we are looking into the New Years Eve package--heard that is wonderful and we never do to much on NYE...

take care-- Amy
PS Enjoying your summer??