Tuesday, June 9, 2009

our weekend

Friday we (me J & C) left for Bedford for an ALL NIGHTER SOFTBALL TOURNEY! First time for this one!! We arrived in Bedford around 10:30pm . Jason had to be up and moving at 5:00a.m. for a 6:00 a.m. game. Needless -to-say Carter and I slept in! {Oh the beds there were wonderful. Ok I normally dont say this about hotel beds- but serious these were awesome. You laid in them and just sunk.} So anyways getting back to the tourney......I have been to A LOT and I mean A LOT of softball tourneys over the last 16 years and let me tell you I have never seen anything like this! Jasons next game was at 1:00ish (I think) so we headed out to the park and when we pulled into the parking lot= it was like a big huge sleepover! Tents -campers- RVs - you name it it was there {I had to laught at Carter cause he said why do people stay here when they can go to a hotel and get nice comfy beds like we did"} People had baby pools for there kids- corn hole- someone even brought their Guitar Hero. It was pretty neat. I mean I was totally happy in the hotel but the atomosphere was cool. So yeah ALL NIGHTER they play ALL NIGHT-- crazy I know. Jason got lucky and did not have to play during the middle of the night--just early mornings and late at night. Carter was having a blast as usual....him and two buddies were in heaven. They chased foul balls and homerun balls for snow cones....I think he had a dozen of them on Saturday ha! I had to leave for Bloomington during all of this so I lost count! I headed to Bloomington to do a little shopping and to watch my godchild Adi run at her first state competition! Here is a SHOUT out (better Kris) to Adi for a 6th place finish in her heat~ WAY TO GO ADI-GLAD I WAS THERE !! YOU DID GREAT!! AS I am driving back to Bedford I get a call from Jason--and he tells me he got hurt and cant play. He slide into second base and sprained his ankle big time! Well he of course did not want to leave! So we went back to the hotel-late- and with two extra kids and hit the sack. Another game at 6:00 am and we slept in!! Back to the park for a 11:00 game and boy was it nice and hot! Love it- only problem now I was sitting out in this blazing sun and my husband is on the bench and can barely walk.....another game won-- we needed to lose 1 game and its back to Jasper.....well lets just say 5 games later ....we arrive in Jasper!! Thats right they lost the very first game they played=played 13 & won It was a great tourney and we had lots of fun but we are sooooooo tired- Hope you all had a great one! I love tourneys and miss going-but it is so hard to catch up--as I am still trying to play catch up from being gone. Ball and swim lessons this week and its off to St Geneve.......until next time... God Bless

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Jenelle said...

I love softball! That sounds like a fun weekend, except for the injury:)