Saturday, August 15, 2009


FIRST DAY- Second Grade

all ready to go---

Ok today-1st day he rides the bus-no problem. Come Monday he will be asking me to take him to school- ha {always said I'd never do that cause my mom did not BUTTTT NEVER SAY NEVER---cause last year I ended up and this year I am sure I will too. It is just A LOT easier-and its right on my way to work. He does ride it home everyday to sitters.
So first day went great-got up by alarm - got ready-even ate a little breakfast {think he had butterflies} and off we go-when I picked him up asked how school went he said "My teacher is funnnnnn...we played like 6 games today" {between me and you I am sure that will stop} ha
oops forgot this one was down here...

C waiting at school in his teachers line. All new kids in room this year-excpet for 3 old buddies.
I met him at school that morning...
SO heres to a GREAT year-

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