Monday, August 31, 2009

fall ball

Back to it!!!!!
it was a nice break from summer ball to now {for me anyways-not so much C and J } ha but NOW we are ready to start up again......and with the beautiful weather we are having it is just right!!! soooooo PLAY BALL
Carter anixiously waiting for the game to start...
{man he is far away - bet that new camera would be so much closer} hint hint ha!!! think its in the works!!!
My favorite player.....#5
It sure was hard putting on the Reds shirt! But like Carter said Better than the CUBS! lol :)
{love ya Shannon}

Carter has always wanted to catch-live pitch. So when Jason made out the line up GUESS WHAT....Carter is gonna catch a few innings to get his fill! {Jason caught high school and college and knows how hard it is on you and he did not want Carter to -but C insisted on it!!!! }He had the gear on about every night last week practicing...and he did really well.{I would not want to lug that suit around - looks all heavy and uncomfortable=but what do I know}

I love this picture..since J was a catcher- that is him in khaki shorts- I am gonna crop this and blow it up. It is a pretty special picture to me.

So as hard as it sounds....GO REDS!!! :) {My BF and her husband and son are REDS fans!!!! Renita I'm sure you Mike & Harrison are loving it} but it is ONLY for this fall OK!!!

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Kindra said...

I love baseball pics! Your boy looks like a natural!