Saturday, August 22, 2009

the dreaded bread box

ok so last Saturday I went to a yard sale and seen this unfinished bread box for $2.00- I have been looking for a bread box- so I considered it- but it was really big and I passed it up because it was not going to fit where I had planned. So I went on and when I got home I went to my office and started scrapbooking. As I looked at my Cricuit I thought = BREAD BOX~! that bread box would of worked perfectly for this plus there was room to set things on top of it.... like primas etc. {{{{{{{{{Only $2.00 and I passed it up!! UGH}}}}}}}} OK so in the mean time I am at Walmart and run into my cousin- Lori and she and I were talking about different things and she said she made this awesome BREAD BOX!! UGH! I was like WHERE DID YOU GET IT!! haha turned out it was not anyways NOW I REALLY am upset that I did not get it-!!
Well, Friday on my way to work I seen a yard sale sign and did not think much of it! Well as I drove by I noticed the name of the street and that was the SAME street as the one with the BREAD BOX!! I am thinking "I bet this is the same one and they did not sell everything {including the BREAD BOX -} and decided to have it again this week" ..SO..... This time I am going to get it!!! well, I drove to this CARLISLE DR andddddd............WRONG HOUSE!!!- BUT SAME street-SAME homemade sign with Carlisle Dr on it . OK so now I am thinking well, MAYBE JUST MAYBE they {the people that had the sale last weekend} let the people borrow their CARLISLE sign and in return they brought all their stuff their that they did not sell....including the BREAD BOX ! I am FINALLY gonna get that BREAD BOX and fix it up like Lori said!!!! {and I am also thinking OMG this is gonna be a good Blog post ha} WELL I get out and goto the yard sale and NO BREAD BOX!!! UGH!!!! Now I am wondering if they had it and I missed it !! {I know I am silly}
{it was perfect-cause it was unfinished and I could paint it however I wanted}
So today Saturday morning I am at it again........still thinking about what I should of bought last weekend......well today I decided to go to St Vinneys and GUESS WHAT I found.... YOU GOT IT!A BREAD BOX===not the same one {wouldnt of that been fuuny} it was a different one and it is painted a brick red-which matches PERFECT... and it fits perfect on my cabinet.....
Here it is -
LORI- I want you to tell me how you made yours now!!!!! In case I decide to change the color - but Im kinda likin' this brick red....goes well with my kitchen.

picture dont do it justice...oh forgot to tell you-- this one was only $2.00 too!!!!!
Guess I was suppose to have one after all!!!!

it does look hot pink Tiffany-but it really is brick red :) lol


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

LOL--- great post. I was laughing through the whole thing! Glad you got your breadbox!

Emily said...

HAHAHA I LOOOVE IT!! I could see this happening as I was reading it! Ohh St. Vinny's ... we have way to much fun with that place! =) ps...the bread box looks great!!! Miss and love you!!!

Kris said...

That is a whole lot of drama for a bread box. LOL!