Sunday, May 3, 2009

8 years old--

My little sweetie is 8 years old tomorrow---I CAN NOT believe how fast time flys.

We have had .......................

8 years of PURE JOY

8 years of the colors RED-BLUE-BLACK and YELLOW

8 years of playing ball

8 years of not liking the color GREEN (long story)

8 years of ice cream

8 years of "Mom what can I do?"

8 years of the number #5

8 years of the CARDINALS

8 years of arts and crafts

8 years of Whoderville (where Carter's sitter lives)

8 years of I LOVE YOU'S~

8 years of MOM - Carter and DAD

and 8 years that we have been blessed beyond words!!!!

happy 8th birthday Carter Alexander----

we love you to the Milky Way and back--and are so proud of the sweet - kind- handsome little gentelman you are becoming Hope you ENJOY your special day tomorrow---ballgames and a party!!! YEAH!!!!

love Mom

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