Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Chimney done
I placed this order with my husband and WOOLA ???sp??? haha!!!! EXACTLY what I wanted!!! thanks Hon!

He even put a hole in the back so we could store our cell phone chargers in there and plug them in instead of junkin up our counter top.
lots of shelfs=just what we need.and

Here is Carter after school-with his funky socks on..(Did not have time for the picture as he was mowing down his after school snack) 5th school is raising $ for Riley Hospital and each day this week they have had a different fun day....tomorrow is Funky hair day.....I did not get pictures of Mon. favorite hat day and Tues. inside out day but Carter did participate. I use to love these days at school......
We did not have any "funky" socks here so we asked Carter's cousin Maranda for some....these are the ones she sent! You cant see it but they had sparkles on them....thought this might cause a problem - but he did not say to much! He questioned it but that was it....and at 9:00 Tues night they were just gonna have to do!! :)
LOVE THE TOES! He was so excited cause they got to take their shoes off!!!
Try to post funky hair day--- he wanted pony tails -till Dad told him he would look like a girl......not for sure what we are doing.


Kris said...

The cabinet looks awesome Jason. Amy is very blessed to have such a talented husband. Mine can't even hang a picture on the wall without causing some kind of destruction :)

Nicole said...

Gorgeous Cabinet, guess you lost the island, huh? I bet it makes it more open, huh? Beautiful!

Nicole said...

HUH, HUH, HUH? Why did I just say HUH twice in that last post? I am tired! This grad-crap is for the birds. I am glad I have a 12 year break before the next one. :o)