Thursday, May 7, 2009


My sister just called and she just came from the cancer Dr and she needs NO TREATMENT of ANY kind!!!! yeah-----thank you Lord--your the BEST!!!! She is soooooo excited! They are going out tonight with some friends and are gonna celebrate!!! THANKS for PRAYERS...she is also getting the gene test done--which we have all been talking to Drs about --- so I am exicted about that. pray for good news--God is sooo GOOD!!!

Ok on another GREAT NEWS-- but in a TOTALLY different way....I think I might of found something that Carter is not gonna like! Well he has been a little turkey lately--lets say since school.....and vinegar dont work anymore-{When the kids at the sitter talk back they get vinegar===Carter always seem to like it!! } time out well-he finds a book and starts reading and so thats no biggie anymore either...So I was talking to a guy last night about what he does and he said he makes them do push ups!!! I was like REALLY!! If they smart back then you just keep adding PU! Well tonite was the night!!!!!! I made him do 10 and he was like "this is easy" then he said something again and I add 15 more!!! Ok so this isnt sooo easy now- I told him to think before he decided to say something....I PRAY that this works..sometimes you just dont know what else to do!! Hope anyone that reads this trys it... Jason's cousin told me it makes them strong as well as punishes them. YEAH!!


Shannon said...

Hey Amy!

I've not been on reading in a while... great news about kelli!

Jenelle said...

Glad to hear no treatments needed. Praise the Lord!

Lauren said...

So happy about Kelly! I am rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News!! God answers prayers!! paciess