Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lemonade Stand Awards

My girlfriend Nicole- gave me a Lemonade Stand Award! ! THANKS NICOLE that was nice of you--- I have never gotten any awards before. Now--I dont know what to do~! ha OK You say PAY IT FORWARD sooooooo here it no paticular order.

Leah: OK this is one gal who I never knew and just recently met in person at an Uppercase Living party..........we first met on each others blogs. Leah had a give away and I won- and then in return I had one and she won and now we email each other quite often.....She actually was at the same table as my sister on the Walk to Emmaus......small world. She is an awesome Christian gal= with a HUGE HEART!!! She is a mother of 2 girls-she works full time-and she is an awesome photographer! Go check her out at So glad to have met you Leah!

Shannon: My dear sweet friend and prayer partner.....I just love this gal even if she is a Cubs fan!!! She is so precious and she to has a HUGE HEART! Her posts on her blog are incredible and she has a talent beyond words. She lives 6 hours away so I dont get to see her much :( but I miss her tons! Her love for the Lord is truely amazing! Thanks Shannon for your sweet little self! I Love you and miss you!! http://www.fromthegrove.blogspotcom/

Kathy: I do not know this lady- but she is one person that I feel like I have know forever!! She is hilarious- I laugh at every post--she is also VERY talented! I came across her blog one day and I really enjoy her posts--I love looking at her photos and let me tell you her photos are the coolest ones I have ever seen! Check her out at and leave her some love! Thanks Kathy for always making me smile with your corky posts! ha

Brittany: I have met Brittany before {and I know her momma} Brittany was on a Chryasilis that I worked . She is absolutley beautiful and her heart is precious. She has been thru a lot and her post are amazing~check her out at: Brittany: praying for you and your family always!

Lauren: aka THAT GIRL! This is one Wild Chick! I met Lauren thru the Walk to Emmaus and have loved her ever since!! She is someone you can NEVER forget! She is a HOOT and her love for the Lord- OH MY!!! She would do ANYTHING for ANYBODY.... Her posts are INCREDIBLE! She just cracks me up!!! Go check her out at and let her pick your brain! love ya Lauren!!

Well thats all folks! Now your turn to PAY IT FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love and prayers to ya all and THANKS for being soooo SPECIAL!!!

PS Not sure why the top half is orange--- it is not on the draft like that-and it is TO late to try to figure out? so sorry about that!!! :)



Shannon said...

So thankful for you too AMY... you are a selfless friend that I'm thankful to have:)

Leah Robinson said...

I'm so glad to have met you too Amy!! Thanks for the award girl :)