Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hi to all! I am HOME ALONE! This does not happen much but oh when it does!! :)

Jason and Carter left this a.m. with Jasons parents and headed to St Louis for a game- chilly one at that. I however lucked I will not be sitting in the Cardinal Stadium all bundled up like they are....however Jason and his dad were there Monday and said the seats were not bad! Thats good to hear! ANYWAYS!!! I am home and actually miss them. I mean don't get me wrong I like my quite time but I do miss them after being alone ALL day!

I had a baby shower this a.m. and then this afternoon I had an UL party ! The party was awesome for 2 reasons...1. it was here in Jasper.....yeah cant beat that !! and 2. I got to FINALLY meet a blogging buddy that I met on line. It was so good to finally meet you and your girls Leah!!

After the party I decided Chinese sounded good! I love the Great Wall!!! SOOOO I went there to get a "to go" box -- which about killed me---I would of loved to stay and eat there but there is just something about eating alone -- {esp since it was Sat. eve.} that I could not do!

I then came home and being the good wife I am (haha) took care of the dogs---oh the dogs--say no more!! I am NOT a dog lover and we have 2~ needless-to-say they LOVE each other!

Then I remembered the EGGS! oh my the eggs! I better get busy coloring-- well Carter is at the age now that I have to be so careful......careful not to leave any evidence behind - careful not to get any of the dye on my fingers (impossible-I know--I actually did pretty well) soooo got that done......

then decided to play on the computer!!! Well say no more---its all over from there... It is 8:15 and they still are not home........ I better enjoy these last few hours of PEACE think I might go and scrapbook awhile....

HAPPY EASTER to all and God Bless!

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Leah Robinson said...

Enjoy your time alone girl!!!

It was so good to meet you!!!