Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do you do??

Ok so I got this cute little card board box {kinda like a soda bottle container} at the Crop for the Cure and was sooo excited to fix it up for Carter for Easter.......well here it is posted below-----not as excited anymore ha!! I just remembered it and did not take much time to fancy it up-- I mean how much fancy can I do for a boy??? and so I concentrated more on what to put in it than how it looked....but Carter will love it!!!
Anyways....I got some GOOD stuff in there.....Carter and
I gave up candy for Lent and so there is some good chocolates in there.....hope he shares ;) went to Chocolate Bliss (love that store) and got some things. YUM!!!
I want him to understand that Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny-Eggs or Candy but about I always buy Carter something kid religious :) ...this year I bought the coolest travel cards at the Christian Bookstore. They ask you about making good choices! Jason and I bought them in Evansville and were doing them on the way home------I cant wait to play with Carter.
We also got him a key chain with a baseball on it and it says....I love Jesus===my guess is he will put it on his bat bag with his cross. He wanted this book called "A Diary of a Wimpy Kid" so Kris was going to Walmart and I had her look it up-she found one (thank you Kris) soo he will be excited about that.......
What do you do for your kids for Easter???? Oh by the way....I was just reading another blog and this lady makes Easter Bread with her kids~ and then she explains the Easter story.....have you seen it??? Goto my side bar under Ashley Ann Photography to see receipe and pictures -- may have to try that tomorrow... Well here is to an AWESOME EASTER weekend with your family..Be Blessed....


Shannon said...

That is the cutest boy Easter basket I've ever seen!

Enjoy the weekend!

Love ya!

Leah Robinson said...

Oh how cute Amy!

We plan to make cookies, cupcakes, eggs, etc sometime Saturday!! I went a little all out on their Easter baskets this year....oh well they're only young once! Sunday we'll go to service then we'll have dinner at our house and then an Egg Hunt...woo hoo!!!

Happy Easter!!!