Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello to all:

I am writing this with a sorta heavy heart! My sister Kelly just found out Friday that she has breast cancer! They caught it early-PRAISE GOD!! and she is in Good Spirits!! another PRAISE - We were all together yesterday and went out to eat last night and back to my other sisters house for dessert and it was ALL good--- I am writing this so all of you will PRAY PRAY PRAY for her!! WE KNOW GOD is right beside her thru all of this and she has an AWESOME support system--but we are REYLING ON HIM 110% . Thanks to all of you--- GOD BLESS


Leah Robinson said...

Tell Kelly I'm praying with all my heart!!!

Lauren said...

Believing for God to do big things!

does she need anything?

Amy S said...

thanks guys!! Lauren she is good-thanks sweetie~!!!!

Jenelle said...

Thank you for all your prayers for my friend. I will def. be praying for Kelly.