Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blessed !!

Today is my first day to try out this blog thingee! I have been wanting to do it for awhile now and just never took the time to do it!! TAAA DAA I did it! {Shannon you are so right it is easy} thanks!! {Hon...I know you will be soo proud-you did not have to help me}

Now where do I start! Well first things first- Today was a GREAT day! It all started last night when- the committe for "Just for Jamie" went to Paul and Jamies to deliver "the news"! It was VERY EXCITING - yet sad.......cause it is all over---6 months of planning-6 months of emails-6 months of phone calls-6 months of to do lists--and the last 6 weeks FLEW BYE and were CRAZY!!!!!!

Jason and I were so BLESSED thru all of this....we made new friends {hi Mary}-reconnected with a high school friend- and found out what TEAM work is all about...we just thank God that it was such a huge sucess and we know FOR SURE that His saying "I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength" once again was what got us thru this!! Thank you Lord! Sad it is all over - but it is ALL good!

Have a great night!
<>< Amy

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Shannon said...

Yeah, Amy!!! Iam out of town this weekend, ironically in Cardinal-ville and the cubbies are 0/2 so you have lots to be happy about :P

Icant really get the full effect of your blog b/c on the blackberry- and Iknow you well enough to know it is cute - excited to check out the full thing on Sunday... So excited to catch up with you on here, love you!!!!!! Shannon