Friday, October 10, 2008

The Dreaded FLU -

WELL- it has hit our house~ Carter had a belley ache this a.m. but....I sent him to school-thinking it would pass-well- exactly 1 hour after I dropped him off the nurse called!! So I left work to go get him and headed home. We came home and he slept most of the day. Jason got home around 2:00ish and I went back to work---well he got sick again. I came home around 6:00 and Carter was camping out in the bathroom. Poor guy! he is so pitiful looking!He has actually been very sweet and loving--- {I love it when he is like this} It is 8:20 and He is climbing the walls!! Jason has a game at 9:00 tonite and Carter just insists we go- I told him that we would drive down there to get him out of house for a little! I know how stir crazy I would be!!!

Tomorrow is my nephew Colins soccer sectional! GOOD LUCK RANGERS!!
- planning on going but we shall see.

Also planning on spending Sat. night with my high school friends and their husbands and kids. Its time for "Turtle Soup" again. We always enjoy this get together. Old friends come home and get together while the kids run wild! Thanks Heather for always inviting us-cant wait to see you!!!


Shannon said...

I hate picturing your cute little guy sick - give him a hug from me! Hope you have a good time with your friends!

Anonymous said...