Saturday, October 25, 2008

Carter and my day out......

Hello! Carter and I spent the whole day shopping in Jasper-can you say NOT GOOD!

FIRST of all he was not in the mood to shop for me--just him-ha imagine that! We hit Hibbetts after I begged him to be patient in Elder Beerman! We were in Hibbets only to find out that they did not have the "catchers outift-gear " whatever it is ha-that he wanted .... OMG that was an ordeal- {Leslie I know how you feel with your boys} he found one BUT---it was the size that would fit Jason. Never may I repeat NEVER take your son to a Sports store UNLESS you know what you are doing. Carter had $ to spend from his birthday and he WAS NOT leaving without something! Jason is back out of town -- so I thought it would be a great bribe that if he was good we would go their last! Ha he tried to talk me into going there first!! Dont think so! ha
We then went to Walmart to try and find one more his size---no such luck. Their baseball gear is pretty well put away until spring. (Try explaining that to a 7 year old) We then headed to church and after church hit Kmart-- none there either! He was deteremined to find something! We went to the toys and he found a game he was interested in and it was $17.00 - he said "mom it is $17" - I said yeah-- do you want it?? He said yeah- but I dont want to buy it!! ha He is something else!! Still nothing!!!

SECOND: there is nowhere -- I mean nowhere to go in Jasper for womens cloths-unless you are a size 2 or 80 years old!! I guess I am off to Evansville ! Maybe we will find a catchers outfit there!

Have a GREAT NIGHT! <>< Amy

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