Sunday, October 19, 2008


exhausting!!! Yeah last week was that!!! Between the flu and Jason being gone for work it was just that!! I wish I could say this week will be much better BUT - Jason is off again for the week!! He is headed to North Vernon all week to work~ Thanks Heather & Steve for entertaining him!!

Well the weekend was spent Camping with my family and Jasons parents too! I hate all of the dragging-the smokey smell-and the chaos-BUT I love love love 4-6 on Sat. WE go to Lake Rudolph once a year {that is more than enough for me} We had 3 RVS (which makes it nice for sleeping) anyways--sat from 4-6 is TRICK OR TREATING! for the young and old! ha It is CRAZY! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE and their brother comes out of the woods literally and TOT! Carter-was a scary monster- my niece Emily-my sister Kelly - Becky and myself were DRS (thanks Debbie and Chas) Avari -3 was a little houchie coochie Hawaiian girl - she looked sooo cute~ there were several others with us too...You just go from campsite to campsite and people are outside - a lot of the people are dressed up handing out candy---there was one site that had the ADAMS FAMILY-it was cool--another one had a coffin with a girl in it--and she would sit up and scare you--- if you do not like Halloween-this is NOT for you! But if you do CHECK IT OUT!! The decorations are CRAZY!

OK this is for you Kris! "SHOUT OUT to my niece ADI for wining Soccer Sectional !!! WAY TO GO ADI --- GOOD LUCK Wed. I WILL BE THERE!!! GO RANGERS GO!!!

Have a GREAT week!!


Shannon said...

Yeah Adi!! And the girl jumping out of coffins wouldn't have been my thing! Glad you had fun though!

Love ya!

Amy S said...

haha Shannon! She wasnt like jumping out of them -- just sitting up! ha!! Did you see Ericas picture!! OM goodness!!! shes a doll!!! ly Amy