Monday, October 6, 2008


Helllo ! Sorry for no posts for awhile---I was having difficulty figuring out how I posted the first post {guess my head got to big braging that I did it all on my on :) } and I got a little confused-thanks Kris for helping- your the BEST!!!

Anyways.... Hope you all had a GREAT weekend. Mine was FULL! Friday night Carter and I had the anual chili supper at 5th St. Afterwards I dropped Carter off at the field to find Jason. {he had just gotten done with his game- needless-to-say-Carter was not a happy camper-but Jason decided to stay a little bit to watch the last game} So----- About 2 hours of piece and quite for mom and----- the door flys open and I hear crying-- you got it- Carter is crying because he did not want to leave. This is the story of Jason's life when they are at the ball field. Some of the guys on Jasons team were playing football with Carter and he
was having a BLAST and did not want to leave. Carter finally CRASHED I think he cried himself to sleep.

Sat. Carter had Kids Day at the square. This is so neat for all of the kids-they get to sell crafts or anything really that they have done themself and keep the money or donate it! {i tried to get Carter to do that---but he is pretty sure he wants to keep it himself} ugh!

$62.75 later and back to the FIELD with DAD! YEP ALL DAY ! I left for a scrapbook retreat with Debbie H around 2:30 ish. It was at Tiffanys mom and dads lakehouse in Duff-- It is so awesome out there! There were about 10 girls - and it was a good time! I got about 4 pages done and 5 cards........Debbie and I left about 2:30 in the morning and all but 2 of the girls were still going strong. I am anxious to see the pictures after we left.

Sun. Carter and Jason were up bright and early for THE 8:00 GAME. Not me! I slept till 11:00 (oops had not done that in awhile-felt pretty good) I then had to get ready for my UL party I had in Montgomery. I got home and we all went out to eat at Acapolcos YUM!

Have a GREAT Week!!

  • PS. GOOD LUCK to my nephew Colin and niece Adi with their soccer matches this week!! GO RANGERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is sooo cute! I love it. Make sure and tell Carter I'm sorry I did not make it out to kids day but I will order from him for his school fundraiser.